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Published: 19/01/2021

Addressing Paranoia in Counselling

Welcome to Edition 346 of Institute Inbrief. How do we identify paranoia? And, more importantly, how do we cope (or help our clients cope)? This edition's featured article examines both of those questions.

Also in this edition:

  1. Principles of Psychological First Aid
  2. The Science Behind Habit Formation
  3. Men, Emotions and Alexithymia
  4. Applied Positive Psychology Credential
  5. Quotations, Seminar Timetables & More!

Addressing Paranoia in Counselling

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The Science Behind Habit Formation


Welcome to Edition 345 of Institute Inbrief - and to 2021! In this edition's featured article we explore how habits are formed, and how this understanding can be applied to promote positive behaviour change.

  1. Also in this edition:Professional Skills Series
  2. Revisiting Subpersonalities for Internal Conflict
  3. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  4. Disaster Mental Health Counselling Credential
  5. Quotations, Seminar Timetables & More!

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