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Current Issue: Dealing with the Lockdown Blues

Published: 21/10/2021

Welcome to Edition 360 of Institute Inbrief. Nobody likes being inside on a beautiful sunny day; but lately, as we’re sure you've noticed, some state governments – as well as some other countries – have been mandating people to do so. For some, this situation offers a welcome break from work, more time with their families, and other holiday-esque perks. For others, however, this curb on social interaction is proving to be a significant catalyst for mental health concerns. In this edition's featured article we discuss the detrimental mental health effects of lockdowns, and strategies to deal with it.

Also in this edition:

  1. Certificate in Mindfulness Practice
  2. A Case of Lost Direction
  3. What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?
  4. Nature’s Effect On Mental Health
  5. Quotations, Seminar Timetables & More!
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