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Saleem Rana who has a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy from California Lutheran University, has inspired many people around the world with his inspirational articles:


What determines your destiny? What predisposes your choices?


It is your intention.


When you hunt for your dreams, you become a magician. When what is out there emerges from what is in here, you experience joy.


In the privacy of your mind, you can think original, stirring thoughts. You can find what stirs you. When you find what moves you, you can determine the direction in which you wish to go to shape your destiny.


Your days, by default, may lead you down many false roads, roads where you fail to find a sense of purpose, roads where you lose your poise, your balance, and your sense of your own presence.


Yet through an act of stubborn resolve, you can turn everything around for yourself. You can courageously dream up some great purpose that lights the fire in your belly.


Simply through a moment of thoughtfulness, you can find a way to rise above the profane and enter into the sublime.


When your life becomes more than merely surviving and socialising, you let a new spirit emerge from you to pierce the world. Make lists, then, not of things that need to be done but of things that you never dared to do before.


What fiction can match the romance of creating your own reality?


From the depths of fantasy, you can birth a new reality, substituting the clouds of your limitations for the sun of your aspirations. Armed with a dream, guided by a hidden purpose, moved by a wilful intensity, you will find yourself lifted by the wings of some great and noble intention.


Time will pass; events will unfold; but somewhere in that flux, you can find a great premise that will guide you.


Have you at some time made a decision to take a different path or embark on a personal journey? It may have involved a significant risk on your part, pushed your boundaries or limits, or been something that involved a lot of personal resolve.  If you would like to share your experience with other readers, please send in your comments to


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