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Five Things YOU SHOULD KNOW...



1. Flexibility

The Diploma is offered in three modes (by distance education, online, or in-class) which allows students to study by the method that best suits their needs. Students are also able to swap between modes at any time.


2. Affordability

The Diploma of Professional Counselling is the most affordable counselling diploma available and there are two payment options for students. Students who decide to pay their course fee upfront will enjoy a substantial discount on the normal price of the Diploma. Students can concentrate on their future studies without having to worry about further payments.


Those students who do not want to pay their course fees upfront can take advantage of making regular monthly payments over 21 or 24 months. Further savings apply if these monthly payments are made by credit card or direct debit. The Institute keeps these monthly repayments as affordable as possible with the amount depending on how many Advanced Study Majors a student opts to undertake as part of their studies.


3. Progressive Learning

The course content offers a balanced mix of practical and theoretical components. Each unit is positioned in the course to promote the progressive acquisition of the student's counselling knowledge, skills and application. This is essential for the continual and successful development of the student and their counselling ability.


4. Unlimited Support

AIPC has a team of highly qualified and dedicated counselling professionals who are eager to help you develop your counselling knowledge and skills. With over 65 degree-qualified counselling professionals, unlimited FREE access to the Study Assistance Line (9am-5pm AEST) and 24hr access to the Online Resource Centre on the AIPC website, there are many flexible options available for students to access study support.


5. Industry Recognition

The Institute has educated over 50,000 students, in Australia and overseas, in the last 15 years. Add all that expertise to official recognition of the Diploma as a Nationally Recognised Training Program (accredited by the Training and Employment Recognition Council) and as an Approved Training Program by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), and you're guaranteed a reputable, quality counselling course.


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What are they?

Tutorials are offered to students on a one-on-one and small group basis to cover course content and are conducted by qualified tutors. Some Student Support Centres schedule regular Tutorials for earlier units, however, most Tutorials are scheduled on a 'by-demand' basis. Tutorials are another method of study support offered to students in conjunction with the Study Assistance Line, In-Class Studies, Study Hints and Tips sheets, Online Knowledge Base and Online Education Advisor.


What are the benefits of attending a Tutorial?

Even though many AIPC students choose to enrol into the Diploma of Professional Counselling because it can be studied externally (by distance education), some students still like to have face-to-face support as they require.  The one-on-one or small group nature of Tutorials ensures the sessions are flexible and interactive. The study requirements of the students determine the content and topics covered in the Tutorial.  Many students also enjoy the additional opportunity to get together with other students in the informal environment of a Tutorial.


How do I book in for a Tutorial?

Bookings can be made by phoning your Student Support Centre. Tutorials are conducted on an hourly basis with fees being kept as low as possible.


How should I prepare?

To help you achieve the most benefit from the tutorials, students are encouraged to have listened to the introduction CD relating to the unit or units and to have listed out any questions that they would like to raise for discussion at the Tutorial. The Tutor will cover the areas relevant to the student's questions as well as facilitate general discussion about the topics.


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