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About AIPC

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) is Australia’s largest and longest established educator of Counsellors. Our specialist training programs include our acclaimed Diploma of Counselling, Bachelor of Counselling, and Master of Counselling. All our programs are government and industry accredited.

We are an organisation founded on the principle of enabling people to help others. At the very heart of our logo, designed three decades ago, is the statement “Caring for people.” That’s the core of what we do; and that’s why our work matters.

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    Largest provider of counselling courses in Australia

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    Over 30-years counselling industry experience

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    Helped over 55,000 people from 27 countries

Why we're driven to do what we do

We’re passionate about assisting people formalise their natural helping abilities so they can support others to lead happier, healthier lives. In this way, our work brings joy to our communities and to our world.

What sets us apart

We specialise in training counsellors. It’s all we've done for over 30 years. Over those years we've been able to gain a unique insight into the industry which we've translated into highly applicable and enjoyable counsellor education.

Specialist Educator

You are better off learning from a specialist than a generalist. Many training providers deliver courses across a variety of industries, which can potentially jeopardise the quality of training. At AIPC we focus 100% on delivering the highest quality counsellor education.

Flexible Learning

A course of study is a serious time commitment, so our learning methods have evolved with the times to allow you to fit learning around your lifestyle by studying from home at your own pace.

Flexible Tuition Options

We aim to make our courses as affordable and accessible as possible. All upfront payments automatically receive a substantial discount or alternatively opt for the flexibility of monthly installments. Government FEE-HELP is also available for our higher education courses.

Practical Experience

Our courses are structured to ensure you graduate with a high level of practical skill so you can apply your counselling knowledge with confidence.

Our Values

Our values articulate our beliefs and guide our behaviours in our pursuit of "caring for people".

We believe in people's potential. We believe that everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. And provided with the right environment, can attain them. We therefore strive to make our programs accessible and provide our students with outstanding support that empowers them to excel.

We design and deliver education that enhances our students' lives. Walking a mile in our students' shoes enables us to create an environment where students flourish and love to learn.

We aim to make every experience with us a 5-star experience. We recognise that small things have huge impacts. When people connect with us, they can't help but be impressed.

Our work ignites passions - the passion for helping others; the passion for developing oneself; the passion for meaningful contribution. Our work matters and we approach it with energy and purpose.

Our behaviours are infectious. By being inspired to greatness we inspire others to be great. We cannot expect more from others than we expect from ourselves.

Education is the heart and soul of what we do. We deliver exceptional learning experiences that transcend the industry and our students' expectations.

Our work impacts the world in real and tangible ways. How well we educate our students now determines how well they can improve the lives of others in the future. Together we have positive impacts within our communities.

Our Training Pathways

Our training programs are perfect for people who wish to start a career in counselling, gain specialist knowledge in a specific field or increase their career in the counselling sector.

Diploma's are a balanced mix of theory and skills-based learning. They provide excellent articulation pathways into higher qualifications, as well as being highly relevant in their own right.

Suited to people who:

  • Have no previous counselling or community services qualifications.
  • Haven't studied for years.
  • Would like to start a career in counselling or community services.
  • Want to focus more on counselling studies.
Bachelor Degree's are larger volume of in-depth theoretical study and practical work.

Suited to people who:

  • Have no previous counselling qualifications.
  • Enjoy exploring concepts at a higher level.
  • Are interested in advancing their education to the next level.
Graduate Diploma's are highly specialised learning in one or more disciplines.

Suited to people who:

  • Have a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Bachelor in Counselling or related field.
  • Would like specialist knowledge and skills in a specific field.
Masters Degree's are advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge.

Suited to people who:

  • Have a Bachelor in Counselling or any other field.
  • Would like to obtain a higher level of counselling knowledge.
AIPC offers a range of Professional Development courses and programs. These provide additional learning and skills development outside the Diploma, Bachelor and Masters Degree programs.

Professional Development Courses & Programs

  • AIPC Upskill
  • Certificate in Mindfulness Practice
  • Professional Skills Series
  • Living a Mindful Life
  • Counselling for Teachers
  • BullyEd Anti-Bullying Program

Training backed by a highly qualified team

Every education team member at AIPC holds an applicable qualification, are experienced counsellors and are fully conversant in the courses we offer.

Seminar and In-Class Presenters

All seminars and workshops are delivered by experienced counsellors with an additional Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Students are therefore assured of an excellent level of presentation and knowledge at these sessions.

Project Officers

Our Project Officers are responsible for developing, updating and continuously improving our course curriculums. They have specialised skills in developing educational resources, ensuring all students have access to the latest counselling information and techniques.

Education Advisors

Upon calling the Study Assistance Line, students can access direct support from our Education Advisors, who can answer questions, clarify concepts, and provide direction on how to complete various forms of assessment.

Program Leaders

Vocational and Bachelor courses are overseen by a Program Leader. All Program Leaders have extensive University teaching experience and undertake regular professional development in their fields of interest and specialisation.


All our Lecturers hold a Masters qualification in counselling, psychology or a closely related field. Students are able to contact their Lecturers during the semester via phone or email to obtain support and assistance with their studies and participate in discussion forums on the Higher Education Learning Portal with their Lecturer and other students.


Tutors offer students the option of face-to-face study assistance in either an individual or group format.

Our Promises to You

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    Guarantee of Education Excellence

    We stand by our education and support. Having specialised in counselling education for over 30 years, we’re confident our curriculum and support services set the benchmark for the industry. Whether you study at Diploma level or above, we provide you with a no-questions tuition guarantee.

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    #1 Career Outcome Program

    We believe a qualification is only as good as the graduate outcome you achieve. That’s why we provide our graduates with free Career Coaching services to help them gain employment, and a Private Practice Community to help them establish a successful private practice.

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    #1 Industry Recognition

    As a counsellor you need industry linkage for professional recognition, insurance, supervision, networking, employment opportunities, ongoing development, practice support and more. We maintain professional affiliations with the largest and best resourced organisations and associations so our graduates get the recognition they need.

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