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Vision, Mission, Values

Our thousands of graduates have helped tens of thousands of Australians to lead healthier lives. This has been made possible through the effort and passion of our people.

Our Vision
To make our communities healthier by empowering people to help others.
Our Purpose
We're passionate about assisting people formalise their natural helping abilities so they can support others to lead happier, healthier lives. In this way, our work enriches the wellbeing of our students, their communities and our world.

Our Values

Our values articulate our beliefs and guide our behaviours in our pursuit of "caring for people".

  • everyone can succeed

    We believe in people's potential. We believe that everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. And provided with the right environment, can attain them. We therefore strive to make our programs accessible and provide our students with outstanding support that empowers them to excel.

  • think like our students

    We design and deliver education that enhances our students' lives. Walking a mile in our students' shoes enables us to create an environment where students flourish and love to learn.

  • always exceed expectations

    We aim to make every experience with us a 5-star experience. We recognise that small things have huge impacts. When people connect with us, they can't help but be impressed.

  • ignite passions

    Our work ignites passions - the passion for helping others; the passion for developing oneself; the passion for meaningful contribution. Our work matters and we approach it with energy and purpose.

  • be inspired & be inspiring

    Our behaviours are infectious. By being inspired to greatness we inspire others to be great. We cannot expect more from others than we expect from ourselves.

  • provide exceptional education

    Education is the heart and soul of what we do. We deliver exceptional learning experiences that transcend the industry and our students' expectations.

  • our work makes a real-world difference

    Our work impacts the world in real and tangible ways. How well we educate our students now determines how well they can improve the lives of others in the future. Together we have positive impacts within our communities.