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The Diploma of Professional Counselling is supported by a number of optional Advanced Study Majors. Advanced Study Majors allow you to study and gain advanced knowledge and skill in the specialised counselling area of your choice.


The Advanced Study Major Program involves the completion of one or more optional Advanced Study Majors in addition to the Diploma of Professional Counselling. The Majors provide you with the opportunity to specialise in any of the following highly relevant fields of counselling:


The Majors are specifically designed to provide you with a higher level of practical and theoretical knowledge in a specialised field of counselling. You are able to enrol into an Advanced Study Major at the time of your enrolment into the Diploma of Professional Counselling, or at any subsequent time.


The advantage of early enrolment in an Advanced Study Major is that studies can be completed concurrently with your Diploma. There is also no limit on the number of Advanced Study Majors you can undertake and they can be completed by either external or face-to-face modes of study.


For further information about the Diploma and the ASM Program, please contact your closest Student Support Centre.


Become a Counsellor or Expand Your Qualifications with Australia's Most Cost Effective and Flexible Bachelor of Counselling


The Bachelor of Counselling is a careful blend of theory and practical application. Theory is learnt through user-friendly learning materials that have been carefully designed to make your studies as accessible and conducive to learning as possible.


The course and its subjects are structured to progressively develop your knowledge and skills from foundational, theoretical concepts through to more complex concepts and advanced skills and applications.


On completion, you will have...


  • The capacity to apply counselling theory and skills in an intentional and mindful manner.

  • The ability to evaluate and apply a variety of counselling models according to the needs of your client.

  • The ability to analyse counselling issues with consideration to broader social and cultural perspectives and will be equipped to make a natural transition into the role of Counsellor.

To learn more - visit or click to download a full course prospectus.


A client comes to you having had to quit work due to a degenerative visual impairment. He has a 3 year-old child and his wife is expecting another baby. His sight may continue to deteriorate or it may remain at the current level. He is suffering stress, feelings of grief and loss and anxiety about the future.


How would you go about helping this client?


(2 people commented on this dilemma - click here to read their comments)

Opportunity for Workshop Presenters/Speakers


Do you deliver PD workshops for mental health professionals?


Counselling Academy ( is offering a fantastic opportunity for counsellors and other mental health professionals who currently deliver live seminars and workshops in Australia and overseas.


If you are a presenter, email CA at with the subject line "Affiliate Presenter Opportunity" to find out more. You will receive a prospectus with more information and contact details.

The Institute has a list of recommended textbooks and DVDs which can add great value to your learning journey - and the good news is that you can purchase them very easily. The AIPC bookstore will give YOU:


  • Discounted prices.
  • Easy ordering method.
  • Quality guarantee!

This fortnight's feature is...


Name: Small Groups in Counselling and Therapy, Process and Leadership

Author: Posthuma, B


ISBN: 0-205-33246-3

AIPC Price: $78.25


To work effectively with small groups, all professionals need the same basic conceptual knowledge about group process, group development and leadership. This edition attempts to meet these general and universal needs.


To order this book, simply contact your nearest Student Support Centre or the AIPC Head Office (1800 657 667).

Tired Of Expensive Hotel Bookings, Inconvenient Flight Schedules, Traffic Jams, Bad Conference Seats And Waiting Months For Events You Want To Attend?


Access Premium Quality Professional Development Online. There's No Simpler, More Cost Effective Way To Attain Your Mandatory PD And Learn New Skills.


All Counselling Academy courses and video workshops can be conveniently accessed online 24/7 - wherever you are! Imagine not having to worry about expensive, time consuming live PD events... well, that's already a reality.


With Counselling Academy, all you need is a computer with internet connection. You have the flexibility you want to fit your professional development around your life - and not the other way around. That means more time with your family, clients and friends when they need you.


Professionally Developed Programs


We understand the necessity to deliver high quality training as well as providing a practical platform to access it. That's why we employ a team of professionals (mostly with Masters and/or PhD qualifications) to develop courses non-stop.


For this reason, numerous Associations around Australia recognise Counselling Academy training for PD Points, including Australian Psychological Society (video workshops) and Australian Counselling Association.


Unlimited Access to PD


Counselling Academy's Unlimited Access memberships give you access to over 50 courses; over 560 hours of quality training; as well as access to all newly developed courses.


What do you normally pay for a professional development workshop? $150? $350? With CA's Unlimited Access Account you have access to over 50 training programs for under $1 a day!


As an Unlimited user you can:


  • Subscribe to as many courses as you want, with just one click.
  • Access exclusive video workshops.
  • Fast-track your professional development.
  • Easily meet your professional OPD requirements.
  • Save $$$ with our monthly or annual payment options.
  • Manage all your OPD training needs from a single location.

To find out more and register, visit and follow the prompt registration instructions.




Staff Profile - Delphine Lloyd-Jones



Position: Education Adviser and Assessor

Location: Head Office


Delphine has been working at the Institute for over 1 year now as Education Adviser and Assessor for the Diploma of Counselling. She attained her Diploma with the Institute and is currently undertaking a Vocational Graduate Diploma in Counselling, specialising in Family Therapy and Grief, which are areas of specific interest to her.


Prior to her position with AIPC, she worked in Mental Health support for several years with the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service. She enjoyed her work there very much.


Personally, Delphine enjoys camping in remote places out in bush or by the sea, being active and keeping fit and singing. She has a wonderful teenage daughter and an annoying cat called Tom, who gets fussed over way too much.


"It is always during a passing state of mind that we make lasting resolutions."


~ Marcel Proust


Many students of the Diploma of Professional Counselling attend seminars to complete the practical requirements of their course. Seminars provide an ideal opportunity to network with other students and liaise with qualified counselling professionals in conjunction with completing compulsory coursework.


Below are some of the seminars available in 2009. To register for a seminar, please contact your Student Support Centre.



Communication Skills I - 05/12/09

Counselling Therapies II - 12 & 13/12/09



Case Management - 05 & 06/12/09



Communication Skills II - 06/12/09

Counselling Therapies I - 12 & 13/12/09



Communication Skills I - 10/12

Communication Skills II - 11/12

The Counselling Process - 05/12

Counselling Applications - 12/12



The Counselling Process - 04/12

Counselling Applications - 03/12



Communication Skills I - 05/12/09

Communication Skills II - 06/12/09



The Counselling Process - 05/12/09



Counselling Applications - 12/12/09



Counselling Therapies II - 28 & 29/11/09


*Advertising of the dates above does not guarantee availability of places in the seminar. Please check availability with the respective Student Support Centre.




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