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Published: 13/02/2018

Common Elements of Suicide

Welcome to Edition 285 of Institute Inbrief! In this edition’s featured article we explore ten characteristics that are commonly associated with completed suicide.


Also in this edition:

  • Helping and Stress Management
  • MBCT: A Look at the Mechanisms of Action
  • Helping Clients with Sleep Issues
  • Social Media Updates & Much More!

Common Elements of Suicide

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The Mechanisms of Addiction


Welcome to Edition 284 of Institute Inbrief! Addiction is a plague that affects individuals and society in an adverse manner. It is a very costly illness that has worldwide prevalence. In this edition we look at the definitions, characteristics and aetiology of addiction. 


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  • Counselling Parents: The Early Stages
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Learning: Techniques to Improve Your Memory


Welcome to Edition 283 of Institute Inbrief, and to 2018! Our first featured article of the year tackles something we all lack at times: study productivity. One of the best ways to improve study productivity is to learn the right way (at least according to neuroscience research!). So here we go… let’s kick-off your study year with 11 bullet-proof techniques for improving your memory!


Also in this edition:

  • Positive Psychology: The Underpinning Notions
  • Self-help Strategies for OCD and OCPD
  • New Course: Diploma of Financial Counselling
  • Social Media Updates & Much More!

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