Anti-Bullying Program

BullyEd Anti-Bullying Program


The issue of school bullying has gained significant public exposure in recent years. An issue as complex and diverse as bullying requires a multi-tiered approach where all key stakeholders play their part.


With this in mind, AIPC collaborated with leading mental health educators and teachers to develop a comprehensive 217 page Anti-Bullying Program. The substantial teacher resource is based on current best practice and includes theoretical components as well as age specific practical activities for use in the classroom. It includes theory as well as 88 “Print-and-Use” age specific practical activities to use in class.


The program is designed to tackle the problem of bullying by enhancing a student’s ability to feel good about themselves, which facilitates the process of being able to change behaviours that have negative consequences. The program assists students to gain an understanding and appreciation of the connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Empowering students with ‘awareness’ and ‘social tools’, provides students with options / choices and the opportunity to review their behaviour.


The program is not solely formulated from one theoretical model or approach. Overall, the activities draw from the cognitive behavioural theories and social learning theories where students identify behaviour and factors that influence behaviour, with the aim to increase desired behaviours and decrease undesired behaviours. The foundation of the program sits within the person-centred approach in terms of active listening, empathy, the importance of the ‘self’ and understanding the ‘self’ through the relationships with others as well as accepting the responsibility to act on decisions.


The program utilises small groupwork based on humanistic values of the right to belong, be heard, to participate and to part of mutual support system. The program utilises a rather eclectic mix of approaches within the activities ranging from mindfulness to strengths to solution focused. The major aim is to create fun participatory learning for students through creative based activities.


The Anti-Bullying Program is entirely free and made available here to EVERY Australian school teacher.


Anti Bullying Program


Download the full 217 page Anti-Bullying program here, including all 8 Modules and interactive Activities for use in the classroom.



Program Activities


In the table below all the program Activities are quickly accessible by Module and Age Group. Simply select the module you want to address, matched to the specific age group, print out and use.


Module / Age Group

Level A:

Prep - Grade 3

Level B:

Grade 4 - 6/7

Level C:

Grade 6/7 - 9

Level D:

Grade 10- 12

Module 1

What is Bullying?


What causes bullying?

Module 3

Who is involved in bullying?

Module 4

Reducing the impact of bullying

Module 5

Self Esteem

Module 6

Self Awareness

Module 7


Module 8



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