Diploma of Counselling

Australia’s most popular pathway to a career in counselling.

This Diploma is the perfect foundation upon which to start your counselling career, designed with a careful blend of theory and practical application to make the Diploma very achievable even if you have been away from studies for many years or are looking to supplement your higher level education.

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Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling

Specialise in the field of relationship counselling and family therapy.

AIPC’s Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling focuses on counselling interventions of a complex and specialist nature, by providing students with both theoretical and practical applications of the required skill-sets.

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Bachelor of Counselling

The ideal way to gain a tertiary counselling qualification.

This course and its subjects are structured to progressively develop your knowledge and skills from foundational, theoretical concepts through to more complex concepts and advanced skills and applications.

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Master of Counselling

Have an undergraduate qualification and want to learn counselling?

The AIPC Master of Counselling is available to anyone with an undergraduate degree in any field. The course has been specifically designed to provide a learning pathway at a higher educational level commensurate with the students’ prior demonstrated capabilities.

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Hear from some of our delighted students

The support of the AIPC team was brilliant and I have made some lifelong friends and colleagues.

With plenty of time on my hands I found myself becoming increasingly disillusioned with how my life was becoming a dull routine and no longer challenging. My husband suggested further study into something I was passionate about and that is when I came across the AIPC website... Read More

Carlotta Graham

People can change their lives, their direction and their purpose.

If the worst thing that can happen is that you get to spend 2-3 years of your life with a great Institute, what have you really got to lose!!... Read More

Stephen J Hawkins

It opened up a world of ideas, challenged my thinking in proactive and positive ways.

I am over the moon at the value, knowledge, enjoyment and practical abilities the Diploma has provided me with. Over a period of 2 years I completed my Diploma, fitting it easily into my work and family routines. It opened up a world of ideas, challenged my thinking in proactive and positive ways, and gave me a job... Read More

Adrienne Isnard

Studying at AIPC was definitely a choice in life that I will never forget or regret.

The lecturers and teachers modelled exceptional care, excessive knowledge, as well as being so supportive in all areas of learning. It was excellent to see that they were not only there to teach, but they understood the significance of being patient with their students and helping them through the criteria of the work required... Read More

Angelie Miaco

I enjoyed the Course and the interaction with the other students immensely.

The course leaders were excellent and the quality of material that was provided was second to none. After Graduation, I set up a parttime private practice, with a business name of “Coffee Cup Counselling”... Read More

Herb Koenitz

I found it interesting, stimulating and challenging.

It took me three years to complete my Diploma with three study majors, but it didn’t matter – I did it! I now operate my own counselling practice in the city. I’ve got my trusty AIPC manuals on hand if I need re-checking something and, because I am a member of ACA, I regularly go to Supervision which I find keeps me mentally and emotionally fit... Read More

Ursula Najar

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