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Terms and Conditions
for registrants of AIPC Upskill Courses

By registering to an Upskill course with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC), you agree to the following terms and conditions, whether you have read the terms and conditions or not.

I understand that these terms and conditions apply to my registration in all Upskill Courses with AIPC, and do not apply to any other product, service or course of AIPC, if I am so registered or enrolled. The terms and conditions herein do not alter the terms to which I am bound relating to my enrolment or registration in any other course, product or service with AIPC.


I understand that AIPC Upskill Courses and their composite units are for self-development and professional-development purposes only; and that they are not government accredited units or qualifications; and that the training is non-accredited training. The Upskill Courses provide learning in specialised areas and are delivered online and are self-paced.


Upon payment of my registration for an Upskill Course, AIPC will send me, or make available to me, the learning materials for the program. I understand that the learning material is electronic and will be made available to me via AIPC’s online Learning Management System.

I understand that these terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and I will remain bound by the terms including any varied terms. The information I have provided with my registration is truthful and will be viewed by AIPC and/or its nominee only, in accordance with AIPC’s Privacy Notice. I accept the decision of AIPC regarding my initial and ongoing registration as final.

I acknowledge and understand that AIPC incurs initial and ongoing costs associated with my registration, whether or not I progress in the program or utilise the program resources. I agree to AIPC’s Upskill Course Cancellation Policy, made transparent at the time of registration, and agree that should I cancel from my Upskill Course within 30 days of my registration, I will receive a full refund of monies paid to AIPC in respect of my Upskill Course registration. I understand that if I choose to cancel after 30 days of my registration, I am liable for the full cost of the Upskill Course, irrespective of whether I have accessed the program content, or paid the full tuition as of the date of my cancellation, and irrespective of my progress in the program. I understand that by cancelling from the program (irrespective of the amount paid) I forfeit the right of access to the program content, along with the right of use of any and all copyright material associated with the program.

I understand that should I wish to cancel my registration in an AIPC Upskill Course, I must submit my request to cancel by email to I further agree that should any fees become in arrears I am immediately liable for the full cost of the Upskill Course.

I acknowledge that to access the program materials I need to have access to reliable internet and a modern computer, which should have a minimum of the following specifications:

  • Icon-Right-Arrow-GreyWindows, Apple or like operating system (no more than 5 years old)
  • Icon-Right-Arrow-GreyAdobe Acrobat Reader (available free)
  • Icon-Right-Arrow-GreyRecent Microsoft Office or like software programs
  • Icon-Right-Arrow-GreyADSL or better internet access.


All Writings, Readings, Workbooks, Assessments, Logos, Concepts, Videos, Webinars, Documents and Recordings that are made available to me or received by me from AIPC are protected by copyright and I agree that I will not sell, reproduce, copy, share, loan or otherwise make available any item to any other person or institution.

Any usage of the Marks and the Name Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, AIPC, AIPC Upskill, Upskill, and any other goodwill established thereby shall ensure to the exclusive benefit of the owner of the Marks and Name. I will follow the policies of AIPC unless approval to do otherwise is received in writing. I will at all times respect the good name of AIPC and will maintain the highest possible standards of confidentiality, ethics and behaviour in all relevant practices concerning AIPC, and will at no time take any action or utter any words which might in any way damage or defame AIPC or its Agents.


I understand my access to the Upskill Course gives me the right to access and use the associated Upskill Course resources only; and that I am not permitted to share my login details with others. As such I and I alone are responsible for activities that occur under my access details.

I understand my access does not in any way imply ownership of content; and that I am not permitted to copy, distribute, sell or publicly share any Upskill Course or AIPC resources, including my login details. AIPC reserves the right to refuse or cancel my Upskill Course and or any AIPC service at its discretion.


I acknowledge that the relationship between AIPC and myself shall not constitute a relationship of partnership or joint venture or any other relationship where AIPC or agent of AIPC can be held responsible in any way for any actions or words made by me.