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Interview with Playford Salvation Army Community Support Program


"It's amazing the changes in the clients' lives"


"It gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction that I have helped [AIPC] graduates and students to move into a paid positions"


"... we're a stepping stone for them to developed the skills to move into paid work"


Scott Patrick


Playford Salvation Army Community Support Program




Interview with Adelaide Counselling Practice


"We constantly use many of the articles and forms that we used in the studies throughout the Diploma"


"AIPC students are professional, well educated, and fantastic with our clients"


"I don't believe that with a psychology degree I would have the confidence to counsel clients... the AIPC Diploma shows you exactly how"


Kayla van Bruinessen


Adelaide Counselling Practice



Interview with Richard Lines from Lifeline


"We found that your [AIPC] course enhances them [AIPC Graduates] greatly and gives them the skills we need in those areas [counselling skills and communication] to develop them into fully-fledged face-to-face counsellors"


Richard Lines


Lifeline Broken Hill








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