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Below are some of the numerous comments we've received from students and graduates. When you read through the comments you'll gain a sense of how personally and professionally enriching a counselling qualification can be. For many people, counselling provides much more than just a career change. It's also a liberating and empowering journey of self discovery. We look forward to joining you on your journey.


"I look forward to using my Diploma to continue helping others in their life journey."

Michelle Price

"The support of the AIPC team was brilliant and I have made some lifelong friends and colleagues."

Carlotta Graham

"Studying at AIPC was definitely a choice in life that I will never forget or regret."

Angelie Miaco

"I enjoyed the Course and the interaction with the other students immensely."

Herb Koenitz

"The AIPC course has given me the start to a new career."

Sally Ames

"I found it interesting, stimulating and challenging."

Ursula Najar

"I have never been happier working."

Sidney Moore

"It opened up a world of ideas, challenged my thinking in proactive and positive ways."

Adrienne Isnard

"Once armed with the knowledge you will gain, you will never look back."

Lynn Foster

"I enjoyed the Course and the interaction with the other students immensely."

Jan Burguez

"Studying with AIPC has made me understand more about human behaviour in a selfless and insightful way."

Davina Gleeson

"The rewards for yourself and the help you can give others is without a doubt the feeling that you can experience."

Lyn Holt

"The feedback from markers about my work submissions was always supportive and encouraging."

Kylie Coulter

"This course will help you communicate better, know yourself better and ultimately to become a better person."

Bridget Cameron

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