Case Study

A Case of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Marna attended counselling to try to do “something” with her memories of child abuse that currently seem to be affecting her life. She attended twelve appointments over a six-month period.In this scenario, the professional counsellor uses an eclectic approach incorporating Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Abuse Literature Approaches. For ease of writing, the Profess... »

A Case of Career Development

Jessica is a 32 year old professional executive who has recently been given the opportunity of completing her Masters in Professional Development with an organisation who value her expertise in her chosen career and have great confidence in her achievement of goals in their particular field. She has studied hard for over a third of her life and has recently married a family-orientated professional... »

A Case of Acceptance and Letting Go

Elizabeth came to counselling because she was experiencing intense anger, and was not coping with her life. She complained of failed relationships with her ex-husband, and with another man whom she left her husband to be with.Elizabeth cannot move on from the anger she feels about her failed relationships and she is feeling isolated from her family and friends. This had an effect on her abilit... »

A Case of a Stressful Life Change

Mary has been married for 13 years and has two daughters aged 9 (Christine) and 13 (Jennifer). About 9 months ago, Jennifer suffered a brain injury after a sporting accident. Since then, Mary and her husband have had to teach Jennifer to eat, walk and talk again. They have attended numerous doctors, and specialists appointments in regards to the treatment and rehabilitation of their daughter. »

A Case for Gestalt Therapy

Komiko is from a second-generation Asian family. She has lived in Australia all her life, yet her Asian roots are deep. She has been raised according to traditional Asian culture and in addition, she and her family are devout Catholics. Komiko has never questioned her upbringing before, yet now at the age of 26 she is struggling with value conflicts relating to her religion, culture and sex-role e... »

A Case Demonstrating Person Centred Therapy

Michael has made an appointment to see his School Counsellor. He is due to finish school this year and is undecided about what direction he should take once he leaves school. Michael is a high achiever and his parents want him to make the most of his opportunity to enter University and study Law or Medicine. Whilst Michael is interested in Medicine, he feels that his interests at the moment are di... »

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