Children & Families

Dealing with Aggressive Children

Children with aggressive behaviour constitute one of the most common and difficult challenges for parents, particularly for young parents. To work on this issue it is crucial that parents have developed a relationship (with the child) based on solid communication and trust. »

Communicating with Children

Edwin Friedman's quote (above) outlines a reality of communication - there is much more than mere syntax when two people engage in the process of exchanging messages. It is often complex, and most importantly, dependant (the outcome) upon each individual's cultural, social and emotional background, and the context in which the message is being delivered (or received). »

Building Relationships with Step Children

One of the most common reasons for not-so-good step-family relationships is lack of communication. It is important to include the children in family processes such as formulating rules and new rituals. This is a great start! The next thing to do is to encourage communication. »

The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse (CSA) has received increasing recognition as an important social issue over the past couple of decades (Webster, 2001). While reports of CSA are certainly increasing, it is unclear as to whether this is due to an actual increase in occurrence, or merely a greater awareness in the community and reporting to the authorities. The uncertainty surrounding reporting is not unique in t... »

Personality Traits and Patterns in Children

This article discusses personality traits and patterns in children. Whether you have your own children, look after nieces and nephews, or find yourself a good example of a highly active 'inner child'; this content is certainly worth reflecting upon. »

It is All about Me – Blogs and Teenagers

Blogs (short for weblogs), are websites that anyone with computer access can create to publish online personal journals or diaries. While most blogs take the journal format, some also go further and provide commentary or information on a particular subject such as food, politics or local news. However, personal journals are by far the most popular way of writing a blog, with millions of people a... »

Identifying Child Abuse

Child abuse is a phenomenon that is a universal and societal taboo. As reflected in numerous legislative acts and philosophy central to all child protection is that the welfare of the child is paramount. Whilst having regard for the view that the best place for a child to thrive is with his/her family, any allegation of abuse must be responded to by referral to the appropriate authority. »

Children Developmental Stages

As children travel through the journey of life they are faced with many different developmental challenges. Early in life, babies learn to pay attention and be part of a relationship. As they grow they learn to use their imagination and think logically. Greenspan and Salmon (1995) developed a road map outlining the emotional milestones children need to pass through on their way to a healthier, mat... »

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