Graduate Diploma of Counselling

The Institute's Graduate Diploma of Counselling provides a higher level, flexible alternative to traditional post graduate courses offered by Universities. The Graduate Diploma of Counselling provides Counsellors with relevant qualifications or experience with specialist learning in Counselling fields.


A Graduate Diploma will give you higher level knowledge and skills, leading to better outcomes with clients, and greater recognition and referral from allied health professionals. As a specialist with a Graduate Diploma, there are many opportunities for you as an employee or in private practice.


The Graduate Diploma of Counselling consists of 3 core units plus 5 speciality units in the topic of choice – Addictions, Family Therapy or Grief & Loss.


The Addictions Specialty Stream begins by analysing theories of substance use, misuse and addictions beyond the basic psychological principles of addiction to an understanding of the interplay between social, biological, psychological, contextual and environmental factors in the aetiology and maintenance of addictions.


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The Family Therapy Specialty Stream begins with applying theoretical concepts in family therapy such as analysing patterns of family communication, recognising and addressing cases of triangulation, and applying transactional analysis to explain family communication.  Contributions of leading family therapy theorists are evaluated, and family structure and multigenerational patterns are examined and explained.


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The Grief and Loss Specialty Stream begins with evaluating theoretical and conceptual methods in loss and grief practice including theories of bereavement, phases of grief, responses to grief, adjustment and transition processes, coping strategies, adaptive and complicated grief, and support option.


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