Selection of Students – Master of Counselling




The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors Pty Ltd as trustee for AIPC Trust (“the Institute”) upholds the principle that all students and applicants seeking to enrol are treated fairly and equitably.  To ensure this the Institute has open, fair, clear and transparent procedures that are based on clearly defined entry criteria for making decisions about the selection of students.  Students will be selected on merit based on the published criteria.  The Institute will ensure that throughout the process of selection and enrolment, applicants are treated courteously and expeditiously.


Enrolment and selection information is included in the Course Prospectus provided to prospective students prior to applying for enrolment and on the Institute’s website so students are aware of the process both before and during enrolment.


Relationship to the Higher Education Support Act 2003


In accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 the Institute will have open, fair and transparent procedures that are based on merit for making decisions about:

  1. the selection, from among persons who seek to enrol with the Institute in a unit of study who are, or would be, entitled to FEE-HELP assistance; and
  2. the treatment of students who are, or would be, entitled to FEE-HELP assistance undertaking a unit study.

The above undertakings do not prevent the Institute taking into account, in making decisions about the selection and treatment of students, educational disadvantages that a particular student has experienced.


The opportunities and benefits of Commonwealth assistance will be made equally available to all eligible students upon enrolment.




There are three stages to the entry process into the Master of Counselling.  They are:

  1. Submit a Course Application Form and necessary supporting documentation, Personal Competency Essay and contact details for a professional Referee.
  2. The Institute completes a Referee Report with the nominated Referee.
  3. Determination of application by the Head of School.
Application for Course Enrolment and Entry Requirements


To enrol into the Master of Counselling, applicants are required to send in by post a completed Course Application Form to the Student Support Officer, or submit their enrolment via the AIPC website, along with any supporting documentation that is required for entry to the course.


Course Application Forms are to be received at least four weeks prior to the commencement of the course.  This allows ample opportunity for assessment of the prospective student’s application and provision of the necessary materials for the student to commence their first semester of studies.  Successful applicants will be advised at least two weeks prior to their first semester of study of the acceptance of their application.


Standard Admission Requirements:


Applicants are required to have either:

  1. Completed a Bachelor degree in Counselling with AIPC or another provider, or
  2. Completed a Bachelor degree in any other field.

Applicants are to supply a certified copy of the qualification with their Course Application Form.

All Course Application Forms are to be accompanied by a Personal Competency Essay addressing why the applicant is interested in studying a Master of Counselling, what they are expecting from the course, and what they are aiming to achieve with the qualification.  Essays are to be 300 words in length and can be typed or handwritten neatly.


Upon receipt, the Student Support Officer will screen the application for its completion and correctness.  Applications that do not contain all necessary supporting documentation, including the essay and Referee Report, will not be processed until all documentation is supplied. 


All information about the applicant (application information, Personal Competency Essay, Referee Report) is then passed to the Head of School who is the approving authority for an applicant’s entry to the course.


The application and selection process will enable applicants to be rated on the following:

  1. Satisfying minimum educational level for entry to the course,
  2. An indication of the applicant’s writing skills,
  3. Good character of the applicant.

The application is rated by the Head of School who then determines if the applicant will be offered a place in the course.


In the event that student numbers have been exceeded for the course, the applications of those applicants who have met all selection criteria but not been offered a place will be held on file for consideration at the next intake.  Applicants in this situation will be advised in writing of this outcome.


Once accepted, the new student will be advised in writing of their offer of a place in the course.  This written notification will be sent with a Course Enrolment Pack.