Margie Newport


Completing a 14-week Lifeline Telephone Counselling course in 2004 wet my appetite for further study in Counselling.


I was informed about the AIPC diploma from a friend who had completed the Diploma. May 2005 was the beginning of a new world of learning, I was concerned for my learning ability and discipline to study as I had not studied for over 30 years and I was aware of the many distractions and commitments at home and in my life.


I did get distracted along the way with work commitments, ill health and family however I made the decision in 2008 to concentrate on completing the Diploma in 2009.  I resigned from my fulltime position as a High School Teachers Aide and having faith that “Doors will open” once I had completed the Diploma.


I started on Unit 9 in February and worked out how many Units I needed to complete each month and focused on the end goal and got to work. The family and friends were all informed of my decision and they constantly remained a great source of support and encouragement along the way.


Some long nights and early mornings were part of the deal for me, as this was the time when my brain went into action (sometimes). As each Unit was completed and when results came back, I would send a group email (Study Update) out to friends and family. Feedback from these emails where very well received and much appreciated. 

I completed the diploma in January 2010, just in time to go on a cruise.12 months onwards to the day, I was successfully employed by Lifeline Community Care Mackay/Whitsunday.


My position is Counsellor/Educator for the PSCP Program (Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program) in this position, I work with separated parents who are in conflict with each other and this conflict is affecting the parenting of the child/children. I am enjoying working in the Counselling sector and often drive home feeling that “I have made a difference” in someone’s life today.


The support that I received from the AIPC team has been excellent and the standard and quality of their training is of a very high standard.  I am very proud of my Diploma and I continue to recommend the AIPC to potential recipients.  Thank you.