Lee Rogers


I am writing to AIPC today to say thank you and all your staff for running such a well coordinated and structured course in counselling.


I have just received my Diploma after four years of part time study with AIPC, and like many, I have had to balance study with full time work and family as well as the disability of being dyslexic. What has made the whole process a lot smoother has been the patience of the staff at AIPC. The markers always had kind and constructive remarks that assisted me in completing some of the harder assignments.


In the practicals, the instructors were nurturing as well as having the patience of saints, both in the one-on-ones as well as the seminars. They, like all good counsellors had the ability to assist you in finding the confidence required to carry out the necessary tasks.


In reflection on the course, the greatest asset I found that assisted me in the completion of the Diploma was the tireless work carried out by Peter and Marion Kesper (Regional Queensland branch).


When I first met Peter he provided for me the archetype of how I would like to be as a counsellor. His calm and empathetic nature is a credential that speaks volumes for AIPC’s choice of Regional Queensland Manager. Peter is always there with encouragement and a kind word and makes himself available to answer some of the hardest (and sometimes the silliest) questions.

Marion would have to be the Queen of the paperwork jungle, all the materials I required were always sent to me on time as well as making time to talk and explain the course materials when I became confused.

To add to what I have written, the course structure, continuity and content have made me a confident counsellor and I thank all those involved.


All in all, I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in counselling.