"The rewards for yourself and the help you can give others is without a doubt the feeling that you can experience."

Lyn Holt


I would like to explain the journey of my studies with the A.I.P.C. From the first unit I started I was unsure of my ability's in completing the "22 Units" to my Diploma. As I was at the time 55 years old and had only completed courses that were no longer than 6 to 8 weeks long one night a week for about 2 hours.


When I started the course it was for myself mainly, as I had very low self-esteem, and had many issues that on a personal level that needed to be addressed. The result of the experience I gained from the course is better self-esteem, more confident person that is nose able to tackle tasks with out a second thought. All my family and friends have noticed a huge change in me over the time. To me this was not an easy journey as I was never good at school at studying, so for me to achieve my goal it took a lot of time and very hard work. The most important thing for me was setting small goals for each unit, and not thinking to far ahead. This is something also I learnt as I went further with my studies. If you look to far ahead we all get distracted from our goals.


At times you really have to just push yourself and say I will get this much done by this time. It is sometimes good to take a very short break and then reset your goals for the next stage. If you take to much time away from the study's you will find it harder to get back into the study mode. The seminars increased my confidence to speak and participate in group situations, which helped my self-esteem. I have learnt many skills during the course and now feel confident to plan my life to be able to help other people or children in many ways with the problems they may have.


This would not have happened without the support and help of others, such as the staff at both Carina and the valley, who have always been there to help, with their friendly support. In closing I would like to thank again all at A.I.P.C. for their help for me by phone, seminars, or tutorials. I would also like to wish all current students the very best, and to say stay with it, the rewards for yourself and the help you can give others is without a doubt the feeling that you can experience.