"The hands-on experience of the seminars and meeting other students was very valuable and enjoyable."

Karen McMinn


I would firstly like to thank all the staff at AIPC for their valuable support over the last four years. They have been very supportive and have provided me with the encouragement to complete the diploma. I would especially like to thank Kevin Franklin for making the seminars enjoyable and helping me to learn the most difficult part about the studies, counselling. The hands-on experience of the seminars and meeting other students was very valuable and enjoyable. Four years to complete the diploma is quite a long time, but when I joined up in June 2005, after some months of consideration and deciding to proceed, I was already studying an Advanced Diploma in Accounting, which reduced the time available to devote to the Counselling Diploma. It therefore took me a couple of months to complete the first unit.


During the course there were a number of other demands on my time, including working full-time, another Diploma and sporting commitments. However, with the Counselling Diploma constantly at the back of my mind, I decided in January 2008 that I would make a commitment and complete the remaining 12 units by the end of 2009. This I accomplished four months early, with two majors. I was really happy and excited when I received my last 'competent' unit back in July 2009, and even more so after completing the 'Counselling Process Practical Component' Seminar in early August, meaning that I had finally completed the Diploma.


I enjoyed the format of studying the diploma, as I was able to progress at my own pace, and along with the online units this helped immensely, as at times I was completing two or three units within a month or two. When I first started this would have been impossible as there was no access online, and I had to send the workbooks to Queensland by 'snail mail'.


Throughout my studies I have gained a lot confidence and understanding of myself, giving me a much better outlook on life and how to deal with other people. Thank you once again AIPC for all of your support and encouragement.