Jane Oakley-Lohm


For many years I had an interest in counselling, so I sent off for some information from the AIPC some years ago. However in my close family there was 2 deaths not far apart which left my sister and I in charge of sorting up both wills. This takes time for both the particle work to be done and for yourself to heal and to support one another.


Hence the study which hadn’t begun went on hold. The AIPC was very supporting through this time and allowed me the time to sort out my personal affairs.


During this time I realised that having been a single parent for many years and having the full on job of Sales and Marketing  didn’t leave me a great deal of time to get myself into study. So I took the plunge and took time off from the work force to put my whole self into study which I believed would change my personal future and outlook in life.


There were challenges as I live in Alice Springs with no next door neighbour doing the same course. I found the in built support teams a huge asset to me and they were all very patient with my phone calls for HELP!


I was determined to finish the course in one year as money was on hold. I remember setting myself a target each week of what I wanted to finish and much to my surprise I managed to hold my target. This was a huge success for me as I hadn’t studied for over 29 years and then I hated it all those years ago.  I found because I generally had a passion for Counselling and the study extremely interesting, it flowed through a lot better than I could of imagined. As for the role plays, I took the option to fly to Perth and Melbourne to complete mine mostly one on one. This gave me enormance feed back and set me in the right stead to plunge on further.


Not only did I finish the Diploma of Counselling but I also completed two advanced study majors of Grief and Loss and Relationships and Conflict Resolution. I have just started up my own business from home and in the first week of operating I have had doctors referring patients onto me. This is a great feeling to have those professionals believe not just in me but in the AIPC Diploma.


For the clients that I have already seen I can see an improvement in them, this is after all a wish of mine come true, to help someone in need. There is no greater satisfaction in life than to see a sad face turn to a smile.

Here I would like to thank each and everyone in the support team for assisting me through this personal journey. I made it because you generally cared; it showed that what you teach you also preach.


Rob you have been a wonderful role model for me and I hope to meet you and the team one day, should any of you come to Alice Springs you know my number!  Come visit my Kangaroos, wild birds and reptiles which feed just outside my counselling room window.