"Distant education helped me to go about earning a living whilst I learned my craft."

Jan Burguez


With the guidance and support of the AIPC team I completed my Diploma in November 06, and by January 07 landed my dream job as a trainer (who also requires a counselling qualification) relaunching the long term unemployed back into the workforce. The fit to my skill sets is breath-taking in its synchronicity.


Who could have known three years ago when I first picked up the phone and made the call. Who would have seen last November when I rang the student helpline at AIPC with fear and anxiety asking how on earth will I turn my forthcoming 'piece of paper' into paid work that the next step was just a leap of faith. My Diploma stacked up very well at the job interview as my now-manager (bless him) was quietly thinking in tangents about how I could also slot in to the company's future growth area, Youth Pathways, if he secured me now. I've got a lot to look forward to, by anybody's reckoning.


Distant education helped me to go about earning a living whilst I learned my craft, while I always enjoyed feelings of inclusivity from the astute crew at AIPC. You were ALWAYS there when I needed direction, guidance, support and encouragement. What a client champion you are! Tutor, Zahava, brings an exceptional quality to your team with a raft of counselling experience, knowledge and skill.


In fact, all of your staff are stand-outs, and when this high human resource standard is replicated in the training system and materials you provide students, I am motivated to highly recommend the AIPC to any individual seeking to become a recognised, accredited and qualified counselling graduate who can confidently hit the boards running into the profession.


In other words, if I can do it, so can YOU!