Denise Sproule


My entry into counselling began with being diagnosed with rapidly progressing breast cancer. As a result of this experience and the personal growth that came from the challenge I set up a support website. On being inundated with contacts of varying degrees of distress I found my extensive teaching career pastoral care knowledge was insufficient. After much searching for suitable application focused courses I began the Diploma and shortly after began volunteer telephone counseling training. I was highly motivated and found the practical application as a volunteer provided excellent practice for my theoretical learning.


I found Rob Carrigan a wonderfully uplifting contact and noticed many of the attributes I aspired to in talking with him. The support I felt from AIPC was what I wanted to give others. I really looked forward to the affirmation card and the sweetie in each competently completed unit, my inner child was awakened with a reward.


The growing feeling of elation as the units were completed was in itself great stimulation. I am a person who prides myself on finishing what I start and there is great pleasure and personal pride at having completed the Diploma of Professional Counselling. I have learned so much and have been able to apply my understanding with part time paid work while I strive to set up my own business.


I treated myself to a visit to Carina to meet Rob and his staff as a reward. It was just wonderful to put faces to those voices on the phone or on email and to feel the warmth of the energy filling their workplace. I recommend this reward to everyone. I feel I have completed a steep climb and reached home. I have a sense of peace with the recognition of a challenging task completed and in my opinion, well done.


Thank you AIPC!