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AIPC’s Education Team performs an essential role in providing quality education services to students. Every education team member holds an academic qualification in psychology, behavioural science or another appropriate discipline, are experienced counsellors and are fully conversant in the courses we offer. Whether a student calls our Study Assistance Line, is attending a seminar or tutorial, or having an assignment marked, a qualified member of the Education Team will always be on hand to offer professional educational support.


The Institute’s vocational courses are overseen by the Program Leader, and are implemented by many education team members. Upon calling the Study Assistance Line, students are offered direct support from Education Advisors, who can answer student questions, clarify outlined concepts, and provide direction on how to complete various forms of assessment. Students can also undertake tutorials, with Tutors offering students the option of face-to-face study assistance in either an individual or group format.


Seminar and In-Class Presenters are another part of the Education Team, who also actively assist students to develop on both an academic and professional level. All seminars and workshops are run by experienced counsellors with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, and students are therefore assured of an excellent level of presentation and knowledge at these sessions. The appointment of Private Assessors is another measure the Institute has implemented to allow students from regional areas to also have ample opportunity to complete the practical components of their course in a professional, face-to-face manner.


AIPC Project Officers are responsible for undertaking the challenging process of updating and improving the course curriculum. They have specialised skills in developing educational resources and materials, and in ensuring all students have access to the latest counselling information and techniques. AIPC also ensures that all Assessment Markers undertake comprehensive training in course unit assessment to allow students the confidence of knowing that validity, reliability and consistency will always be provided in marking of their assessments.


The Institute’s Bachelor of Counselling, a higher education course, is overseen by the Program Leader.  Each subject in the Bachelor of Counselling is convened by a Lecturer with all Lecturers holding a Masters qualification in counselling, psychology or a closely related field.  Students are able to contact their Lecturers during semester via phone or email to obtain support and assistance with their studies, and participate in discussion forums on the Higher Education Learning Portal with their Lecturer and other students.  The Program Leader and all Lecturers have extensive University teaching experience and undertake regular professional development in their fields of interest and specialisation.

All Institute courses are developed by highly-qualified and experienced lecturers, practicing counsellors and curriculum specialists with all possessing principal tertiary qualifications in Behavioural Science, Psychology or another appropriate discipline.


With the development of all Institute curriculums, advice is sought from world-leading partner organisations and industry specialists. These affiliations and unique course development processes allow us to construct courses that have a large component of industry and occupational relevance and establish the benchmark of counselling education.


Institute courses are designed to maximise your learning experience from home. Whilst your study is self-paced with progressive assessment, you are provided with extensive support services designed to make your learning experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. As a result, you will never feel alone during your studies.


We regularly review the content of our courses so that current industry and occupational requirements and trends are reflected. By maintaining this currency and relevancy of our education programs, we are guaranteeing the value of our programs to our graduates. This underpins our graduates’ abilities to provide an excellent counselling service to clients.


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