Higher Education Video Testimonials
Video Testimonial - Michael Fensbo


"Residential schools are really interesting. Even though you have studied all through the semester, you still have your own inhibitions and fear that you haven’t actually grasped the content... and then when you get there you realise that everyone in the class is in a similar position to you, with the same sort of fears… you are then able to put all the pieces together and everything you’ve gained knowledge over, and realise that you really have a handle on it."


"Studying with AIPC is really good because of the flexibility… it is a very practical and specific course tailored for counselling, to give you all practical skills you need to be successful when you do embark in your career."



Video Testimonial - Danielle Russell


"I am a single parent and I have taken the full study load. Having the third semester is very helpful because you can bring it down [the workload] a little bit and not experience too much pressure."


"In found interacting with other students extremely beneficial... you learn a lot from the other students who are already actually in the field and have done the Diploma."


"If you are thinking about studying a Counselling degree I would definitely go through AIPC. I think they have helped nurture me. It is easy to keep going – it is harder at the start, but you will find it easier as you go through, and it is really rewarding."



Video Testimonial - Colette Naehu


"I really enjoy the degree because it has allowed me to study at home. Having children at home, I have been able to work around what I have to do. It has given me a lot of flexibility."


"I thought it really important to come to residential schools. We [students] learn so much from each other in the classroom, and also from the lecturer who is great. It is a great experience."


"I started doing the Diploma. All this learning has been so great. It is really preparing me for the work I am looking at doing in mental health."




Video Testimonial - Lois Spark


"The tutors are wonderful. If you have an issue, they will help you find the solution."


"When I started, my mind tended to go to... "I'm too old for that"... "I'm too old to study"... "I'm too old to get that sort of position"... but you are never too old. There are a lot of opportunities out there to learn what we need to learn as counsellors. And that's a huge role to play in the community... to be able to help others work through their issues."







Video Testimonial - Lennie Soo


"AIPC is good because it is not restricted to just being in Australia. I am actually located in Malaysia – I fly in for residential schools and then fly out again."


"The context of the education and the content of it is actually equivalent to a traditional college. I looked at a lot of content and course materials from different universities, and it matches."


"It helps that some of the lecturers actually send us reminders... a weekly reminder to keep us updated on what's next to study... I specifically like that... it keeps me on track."



Video Testimonial - Jenny Scott


"Although it was a counselling course, I did learn a lot of things about myself and things that I didn’t think would be that helpful to me... but they have been very helpful in my own life. In the work environment, I have found that this counselling degree opens doors very much in the public sector and the private sector."


"It is also very convenient being distance education because I can sit down at night, when everyone has stopped talking, and no one is calling me, and the children are in bed... and study."


"If at times over those 18 months I found myself losing focus a little bit, I have been able to talk to either the lecturer or many times other students. We've actually got together on Skype and have been able to talk to each other."

Claudia Kuerschner

I started the Bachelor of Counselling Course in March 2008. When I first found out about the course I was excited at the prospect of doing a Degree that was...

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Maureen Filippi

I was invited to apply for the AIPC degree course after finishing my Diploma, which was well timed as I was looking around to upgrade it. The home based study...

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Louise Fitzgerald

My personal growth journey started a few years before I decided to study and I am still thoroughly amazed by what I am doing with my life. As well as...

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Brian Rhodes

At the beginning of 2004 I found myself enrolled in the course with the lovely people at AIPC, the administration team and student support team have both been amazing in...

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Mari Shell

With one hand I receive my Diploma with excitement, pride, joy, and dreams realised, but on the other hand I reach out to those who may need guidance and direction...

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Jan Burguez

With the guidance and support of the AIPC team I completed my Diploma in November 06, and by January 07 landed my dream job as a trainer (who also requires...

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Michelle Lees

The last four and a half years have certainly been a time of self-development for myself due to the subjects we covered in the Diploma. I was able through my...

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Lynn Holt

I would like to explain the journey of my studies with the A.I.P.C. From the first unit I started I was unsure of my ability's in completing the "22 Units"...

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Carol Lockwood

Since graduating with the Diploma in July 2006 - it's such an unbelievable feeling to accomplish and also it's providing opportunities and changes in my life that were not possible...

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Davina Gleeson

I never thought I'd be writing my own success story, just like the one's I read at the beginning of my studies. About halfway through the Diploma we were living...

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Marilyn Tisdall

My journey into studying counselling began over three years ago, when I felt the need for self exploration after many years of various personal traumas.


The AIPC self paced, do at...

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