TV Commercial 2013


Here you can watch our 2013 TV advertisement.

Before you do, here are some facts about our Bachelor of Counselling.

  • You can start with NO MONEY DOWN with government Fee-Help.
  • You can study externally from anywhere in Australia, even overseas.
  • There are Residential Schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
  • You'll save up to $26,400 on your qualification.
  • You can start with just 1 subject.
  • You can access all your study materials, readings and video lectures online.
  • You'll learn in a friendly, small group environment.

Each semester we allocate a fixed number of places to ensure we maintain extremely high quality delivery and support standards. This optimises the quality of learning you receive. But it also means you must submit an expression of interest (no obligation) to us as early as possible.


You can do that here now:


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Sandra Poletto
Chief Executive Officer,
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

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