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Learn To Be A Qualified Counsellor
With Australia’s Only National Counselling
Education Specialist



Dear Counselling Enthusiast,


Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you had a professional, recognised counselling qualification… and what that qualification would mean for your future?

With your recognised counselling qualification you’ll be ready to take on exciting new job opportunities (increased government funding is creating many new opportunities) or enhance your current role to take advantage of future promotions. Or maybe you’d like to set up your own private counselling practice and experience the many personal and financial rewards that working for yourself provides.

Whatever you’re imagining, it’s all possible with a qualification from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) - the largest, longest established, and most trusted counselling education specialist in the country.


A few reasons why AIPC is the trainer of choice for over 55,000 people:


  • Accredited by Australian Counselling Association – so you can practice as a Registered Counsellor.

  • Australia's largest & longest established Counsellor education specialist (over 20-years).

  • Largest team of counselling educators in the country.

  • Learn externally, online or with face-to-face classes.

  • Self paced and start at any time, so you can fit learning around your life.

  • Competitive fees, monthly payment plan and no ongoing fees or penalties.

  • Flexible and supported training with high quality learning materials.



Like so many of our graduates, you will be able to create lasting change and have a major positive influence on the wellbeing of people in your community


By working with major welfare, support or government agencies in areas such as child protection, youth counselling, family welfare, Court Support, Telephone Counselling, Corrective Services, career guidance and much more.

Or you can establish your own Private Practice which will give you the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours and fees and enjoy the many exciting benefits of owning your own business…


There Has Never Been A Better Time For You To Gain A Counselling Qualification Because The Demand For Counsellors Has Never Been Higher


An Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey in February 2010 highlighted that over the last few years the counselling profession has grown at a rate of 28.1%, outgrowing All other Occupations by more than 200%.


The Health Care and Social Assistance Industry underpins the national economy and workforce. It is the largest industry group in Australia. Over the last 5 years it has experienced the largest employment growth of any industry and has the fastest industry growth rate predicted in next 5 years (DEEWR 2010).




Graph 3 – Main employing industries




Take At Look At These Staggering Statistics...


The demand for Counsellors has never been higher. Look at these highlights from the Australia Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey:


  1. The Counselling profession had grown at a rate of 28.1% in the 2 preceding years.

  2. In the last 12 months alone Counsellor employment has grown by an immense 30.36% (based on Federal Government Job Statistics)

  3. The Counselling profession outgrew all other Occupations by more than 200%.

  4. The Health Care and Social Assistance Industry employs almost 1.2 million workers or 10.9% of the workforce.

  5. The Health Care and Social Assistance Industry has been the Fastest Growing Industry since 2005.

  6. For the last 5 years the Health Care and Social Assistance Industry has been identified as requiring the fastest rate of workforce growth in the next five years.

  7. This industry sector has the fastest growth rate predicted for the next 5 years.

  8. Over 24% of all new workforce growth will be from community services and health to 2015, growing at a rate of 3.3% per year or 211,500 jobs.



The changing world in which we live today has driven this demand. Qualified Counsellors are needed in our communities more desperately than ever before.


This is your time to make a difference in this high demand profession.


Please take a moment to discover how you can develop the skills and confidence to pursue your passion of becoming an accredited Counsellor.

Imagine Being Passionate About Your Work

And Assisting People Every Day Lead Better Lives


It’s rare these days to hear people talk about their work with true passion. You hear so many stories of people working to pay the bills; putting up with imperfect situations; and compromising on their true desires.


That’s why it’s always so refreshing to hear regular stories from graduates living their dream to be a Counsellor. They’re always so full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. There’s no doubt that counselling is one of the most personally rewarding and enriching professions.


Just imagine someone comes to you for assistance. They’re emotionally paralysed by events in their life. They can’t even see a future for themselves. They can only focus on their pain and grief. The despair is so acute it pervades their entire life. Their relationship is breaking down and heading towards a divorce. They can’t focus on work and are getting in trouble with their boss. They feel they should be able to handle their problems alone, but know they can’t. It makes them feel helpless, worthless. Their self esteem has never been lower. They’re caught in a cycle of destruction and pain.


Now imagine you have the knowledge and skills to help this person overcome their challenges. You assist to relieve their intense emotional pain. You give them hope for the future. You assist to rebuild their self esteem and lead a satisfying, empowered life.


As a Counsellor you can experience these personal victories every day. And it’s truly enriching. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping another person overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.



Here's Sandra Poletto our CEO with some background on why the Institute is the leading provider of Counselling...


Learn About Yourself As You Help Others


Life can be challenging at times. We’re forced to confront issues we’re not prepared for. Unfortunately, we’re not born into this world with a user manual. We’re required to go through life doing the best we can. Sure we have friends and family to help us, but they’re also just doing the best they can.


A wonderful benefit of becoming a Counsellor is the self-learning. Becoming a Counsellor is an enjoyable journey of self discovery. Counselling is a science of personal effectiveness. An understanding of counselling principles provides you with a clear understanding of yourself, as well as those around you.


As a Counsellor you’ll understand why you feel, think and behave as you do. And you’ll be able to implement strategies in your own life so that you’re happier, healthier, and more able to face life’s challenges. 



Learning That Fits Around Your Lifestyle


Today there are more and more demands on your time. Gaining a qualification can be difficult when you have to fit it around other commitments.


Most course providers still design their courses using traditional methods. That was fine 10 years ago when most students studied full time. Today we don’t have that luxury. You need to fit competing career, family and lifestyle needs into the same hours.


That’s why the Institute focuses on external, flexible training. Our learning methods have evolved with the times. Our training methods set a precedent in flexibility and support. This means you can fit your learning around your lifestyle whilst maintaining exceptional levels of quality and support.


Institute courses are designed to maximise your learning from home. You can progress at your own pace, and assessment is progressive.


The specialised course material and extensive support provide you with all the expert support and advice you need. Because you are in total control of your study time, you can complete your course several times faster than by other means.


AIPC Is Determined To Make Counselling An Attainable Career For You, Just Like Over 55,000 Other Students In The Past 20 Years


We have helped over 55,000 people from 27 countries pursue their dream of assisting others with a recognised Counselling qualification.


It’s been a wonderful journey over the last 20 years (the Institute was first established in 1990). And it’s been a pleasure to assist so many people realise their counselling aspirations in that time.


Why are so many people delighted with their studies? Our research over the years highlights three keys points…


  1. Our courses and personnel have just ONE specific focus… Excellence in Counselling Education. We live and breathe counselling education! Nothing else gets in the way.

  2. Exceptional value in your education investment. Our courses are always (always) much less than other providers that deliver counselling education. Our unique focus on counselling education, the large number of students undertaking our programs, and the creative way we deliver our courses provide us with cost savings that we pass on to you. Providing exceptional value in counselling education has been a cornerstone mission of the Institute from the very day we began some 20-years ago.

  3. The flexibility to study where, when and how you want to. You can study Externally, In-Class, On-Line or any combination. And you can undertake your studies at a pace that suits you... 12 to 18 months or over 2, 3 even 4 years or more. You decide because you are in charge.


We understand that no two people have the same circumstances. You no doubt have issues affecting your life that are unique to you and affect the speed and manner you’d like to study. You may be working full or part-time, undertaking other studies, or may not have studied for a long time. Let’s face it, life is not predictable and in today’s fast paced society it’s important that your education is flexible enough to fit in with your other obligations.


AIPC provides you with flexible course delivery modes

so YOU set the rules for how and when you learn


AIPC’s accredited and nationally recognised Diploma of Counselling is designed so that you determine the manner and pace you study. You study entirely at your own pace (except of course if you’re receiving a government benefit such as Austudy) and you can start at any time, graduating in only 18-months.

Not only can you set the pace you study, you also determine the mode you want to study. You can study Externally (at home with phone and email access to our counselling tutors), In-Class, Online or any combination… all the time fully supported by our huge national team throughout our 8 Student Support Centres.


  • External learning means you can complete your entire course from the comfort of your home (or office, or overseas, or virtually anywhere!). Your course comes complete with fully self-contained, referenced and professionally presented learning materials including 18 individual workbooks and readings. It really is as simple as working through the material and contacting us for support along the way. If you live locally to one of our support centres you can also attend tutorials to provide you with face to face contact if you wish. (This option is ideal if you enjoy working more independently or have a busy schedule).

  • In-Class learning is a classroom forum where you learn with other students from a qualified lecturer. Classes are available in most main cities, at flexible times. In-Class is a great way for you to accelerate your learning, interact with other students and stay highly motivated. (This option is particularly suitable if you enjoy learning in the classroom environment with other students).

  • Online learning allows you to complete your learning entirely via your PC. You still receive all the high quality hardcopy resources (so you don’t miss out on anything!), but you’ll access all your learning materials and complete assessments online.

  • Any Combination. Of course you don’t have to stick with one learning method throughout your studies. You’re welcome to use whichever method suits your needs and desires at the time. You may choose to complete one workbook In-Class, another Online, then Externally. Whatever is most convenient!



We’ve invested literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last 20 years refining and developing our industry leading course materials and resources in close consultation with many of the industries most highly respected professionals


…All to DRAMATICALLY improve your comprehension and learning speed so that achieving your qualifications is something you’ll gain immense joy and satisfaction from


No other training organisation provides its students with such high quality, user friendly and well researched learning resources. All the learning material you require to complete your studies is provided to you. You don’t have to purchase any other textbooks or search for other resources.


Our dedicated Course Development Team have worked tirelessly to cleverly design your course resources. They are entirely self-contained so you can progress seamlessly through the Diploma.


Your course includes 18 Workbooks that contain all the activities that’ll assist you master your skills as a professional counsellor. Each workbook as been specifically designed to maximise your learning and assist you develop your skills at your own pace.


Your Books of Readings contain all the underpinning theories and information necessary to build your knowledge. The Readings contain the teachings and methodology used by 56 of the world's leading and most respected counsellors and psychologists.


course material



Video Lectures To Enhance Your Learning


As part of your course material you receive access to a full suite of video lectures. The video lectures step you through each unit of the Diploma. They cover the underlying unit theory and key concepts, and then demonstrate those concepts in a simulated counselling environment. They're just like being in a lecture, only better because you can watch them when it suits you.





State Of The Art Online Learning System


When you progress through the course you're sent all the physical learning materials. You also get access to our state of the art online learning portal. The online portal gives you access to electronic versions of all the course materials. You can also submit your assignments online, access additional research material and get education support through our Knowledge Base or Tutors. It's a fantastic resource to enhance your learning experience; and it's especially handy for those times when you're travelling and don't want to carry workbooks.




You’ll graduate with a qualification that is of the HIGHEST standard of any accredited Diploma in Counselling available in Australia today


AIPC’s Diploma of Counselling is a qualification that’s extremely well regarded in counselling circles across the country. Our graduates are highly sought after and earn the respect of their peers for their skills and problem solving abilities.


The Diploma is a Nationally Recognised Training Program under the Australian Qualifications Framework (the standards which all accredited qualifications are required to comply with). Upon graduation you’ll be qualified to immediately register with Australia’s leading member Association (Australian Counselling Association) as a registered and qualified counsellor.

The 18 Workbook course has been painstakingly developed and refined over 20 years in close consultation with industry leading professionals and employers of counsellors. Together with completing written workbooks, you also complete 11 practical days. This is where you’ll demonstrate your skills and apply what you’ve learnt in ‘real life’ counselling scenarios. You’ll find the experience extremely empowering and rewarding. Of course, if you’re studying externally and can’t physically attend the practical days there are several alternate means to learn and apply these skills.


Here is the course outline of the Diploma of Counselling: -


Click on the Subject Title for more information.


Counselling and the Counselling Process

Communication and the Counselling Interview

The Counselling Relationship

Personality and Development Theories

Learning Theories

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Person Centered Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Legal and Ethical Issues

Counselling and Personal Reflection

Relationship Issues

Family Therapy

Client Suitability and Clients at Risk

Case Management

Working with Diversity

Group Counselling


As well as the accredited Diploma, you can specialise in 8 popular areas of counselling by undertaking Advanced Study Majors. Advanced Study Majors include: -


Abuse Counselling

Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution

Career Counselling

Grief and Loss Counselling

Child Development & Effective Parenting

Workplace Counselling

Counselling Clients With Addictions

Family Therapy


Each major has been developed to provide you with a greater depth of skill and understanding in a particular field of counselling. The Advanced Study Majors will enhance your specialised skills, broaden your knowledge and accelerate your career development.


The Diploma Of Counselling Is An Industry Recognised Qualification, Allowing You To Practice As A Qualified Counsellor


The Nationally Recognised Training Program Diploma of Counselling is recognised by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), Australia's largest Member Association for Counsellors.




As part of its charter, ACA recognises courses that meet its training standards. These standards cover a broad range of areas, including core educational competencies, staffing and specific course criteria, as well as ensuring AIPC as a training body maintains an exceptionally high professional standard.


When you graduate, you are automatically eligible to become a Qualified Member of the Australian Counselling Association. You will be able to obtain professional indemnity insurance (preferred rates), and your qualification and Membership will be accepted and regarded in the industry.


Many opportunities exist for qualified counsellors in an Industry that has grown by over 573% in the last 12 years. Today there are 15,600 more registered counsellors working in Australia than in 1997 and the industry is tipped to grow at a rate of 127% over the next 5 years. Now is the ideal time for you to secure your future and take advantage of the increased awareness and popularity of counselling


Australia’s largest, most highly qualified and dedicated team of Counselling and education professionals are by your side to help you develop your skills, to coach you and assist you achieve your aspirations


Simply put, AIPC sets the benchmark in education support. Even if you decide to study entirely at home or online, you’ll never be alone in your studies. We have specialised in external education for over 20 years and have the most highly qualified, professional support team in the industry. Help is only ever a phone call or email away. Our enormous pool of educational resources means you have access to:


  • An Education team of over 65 degree qualified counselling professionals, all with extensive industry experience and teaching and assessing qualifications.

  • You’ll have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the online Knowledge Base that contains over 4,000 specific questions and answers relating to your course.

  • You’ll have unlimited FREE access 9am to 5pm (EST) to the 1300 Study Assistance Line where you can discuss any study questions you may have with qualified team members.

  • You’ll have unlimited email support. Send a question any time and have your enquiry replied to within 24 hours.

  • And you’ll have the support of your local Student Support Centre who will link you into a local student support network (if you wish to stay in touch with other students); help you prepare for your practical assessments; co-ordinate your In-Class or tutorial activities; and set you up in a number of volunteer opportunities if you wish to practice your skills in the field.


Here's Rob Carrigan with some insights into how you'll be coached, supported and assisted throughout your studies and beyond...


In a recent survey of several thousand students (Yes, we regularly ask students and graduates how we are performing so we can continually improve our level of service!), 86% of responders indicated that our level of student support was “Beyond their expectation.”



You’ll Be Supported By The Largest, Most Highly Qualified Team Of Professionals In The Country


The Institute is the largest and longest established trainer of Counsellors in Australia. The Institute was Australia’s first, and still is the only exclusive, national provider of Counsellor education. Our focus is the same today as it has always been – to provide you with the highest quality Counsellor education with a full range of student and graduate support functions.


We have a dedicated team of over 80 psychologists, Counsellors, curriculum writers, educators and industry representatives, whose sole purpose is to ensure our courses are of the highest educational value. This is the largest team of counselling academics in the country, larger than ALL universities in the country combined.


Our Training Coordinator, Anel Hough, explains how the Diploma was developed and introduces you to the course structure, your support team, delivery and assessment methods and what study support is available to students.



Your Most Cost Effective Path To A Recognised Counselling Qualification


Considering everything you've read about our nationally recognised training program, the support systems and our personnel, you may find it difficult to understand how it's also the most competitively priced course of its kind in the country.


If you're comparing other education opportunities you'll very quickly find that AIPC's Diploma of Counselling is the most competitively priced qualification of its kind in Australia. That's because as the largest training provider in the country we've been able to build in volume efficiencies. We pass these savings back to you, without compromising on quality.


Achieve your aspirations in counselling for only 20% to 50% of the investment of other providers…


That’s right! Other counselling training providers charge 2 to 5 times more for their programs because they don’t have the volume cost efficiencies. (And in most instances can’t provide you with anywhere near the same level of support!).


And you can receive even greater savings by making your investment upfront (we pass our administration cost savings back to you), or take advantage of regular monthly payments over 21 or 24 months.

Course* Reduced Upfront Payment Option Reduced Monthly Credit Card Option
Diploma of Counselling $3190 $182 x 21 mths

+1 Advanced Study Major

(+ 1 Free ASM)

$3885 $194 x 24 mths

+2 Advanced Study Majors

(+ 2 Free ASM)

$4580 $229 x 24 mths

+3 Advanced Study Majors

(+ 3 Free ASM)

$5275 $264 x 24 mths

+4 Advanced Study Majors

(+ 4 Free ASM)

$5970 $299 x 24 mths


* Investment indicated for Advanced Study Majors includes GST.

** The Diploma of Counselling includes 8 compulsory practical course elements which can be completed by attending eight seminar topics (four 1 day and four 2 day seminars). Each day is just $95. If you are unable to attend the seminars in person, these practical components can be completed by demonstrating your skills on DVD/video (cost as per seminar attendance), or having a private assessor assess your skills ($20, plus assessor fee).


And it’s an investment that’s easy to make with our unique “Guarantee of Education Excellence”


We’ve been at the forefront of the counselling industry for over 20-years! We now that we have the highest quality, most applicable and practical course available – with the best support services. So, if for any reason whatsoever you decide you do not want to proceed with your course within 30-days, we will give you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee! It’s a guarantee no other provider can match, and totally relieves you of any risk!


A special BONUS OFFER to encourage you to pursue your counselling aspirations NOW…


When you enrol online TODAY, you will receive a FREE Advanced Study Major for every Advanced Study Major you include with your enrolment!

  • Enrol in one Advanced Study Major and we'll give you one for free - save up to $768!
  • Enrol in two Advanced Study Majors and we'll give you two for free - save up to $1488!
  • Enrol in three Advanced Study Majors and we'll give you three for free - save up to $2280!
  • Enrol in four Advanced Study Majors and we'll give you four for free - save up to $3000!

What great value!



ACT NOW and start pursuing your dream of becoming a qualified Professional Counsellor. Simply fill out the enrolment form and you’ll be underway in the next 72 hours. Your first step begins HERE.


Kind Regards,


Sandra Poletto

Sandra Poletto,

Chief Executive Officer,

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.


** The Diploma of Counselling includes 8 compulsory practical course elements which can be completed by attending eight seminar topics (five 1 day and three 2 day seminars). Each day is just $95. If you are unable to attend the seminars in person, these practical components can be completed by demonstrating your skills on DVD/Video (cost as per seminar attendance), or having a private assessor assess your skills ($20, plus assessor fee).

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plus I was recently retrenched from my job and decided to look for Community Work, which I felt would take me closer to my ultimate goal of Counselling.

In one week I went to four interviews and I was surprised, feeling I must write and let you know. AIPC is well known and respected in the industry. All of the Potential Employers could finish the AIPC letters: Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and felt that the Diploma had value. They felt it helps develop empathy, client responsibility, with our support and to never sit in judgement of our clients, all essential ingredients in this industry. They all mentioned that AIPC was therefore worthwhile and relevant in Social & Community Work, with both Carers and Clients.


The range of positions I was interviewed for was in the areas of: Disability, Aged, Rehabilitation and Youth Work.


I would like to say that this has really made me feel that we are studying for a very worthwhile item of learning, an important factor to remember when the going gets tough!


Thank you too for all the support you have given me in the last year, as I have had to ride a roller coaster, but it felt so good being offered two jobs in the Disability Industry with all employers recognising and being impressed by my AIPC studies. This makes it all seem worthwhile. I have taken one of the jobs in the Disability Industry, a One-on-One client relationship and feel as if AIPC is even more precious to me now than it ever was.

Noeleen Hankinson


plus Pathways merged on the day I applied to begin the Diploma of Professional Counselling – my innate sensitivity and melancholy;

my need to ‘work through’ personal issues in self-acceptance; emotional over-eating; moderate depression and anxiety in earlier years; my need to ‘work through’ relationship tension in marriage; supporting teens through difficult times; experience in emotionally supporting others in my roles as the wife of a Christian minister/chaplain and as a school teacher; a developing compassion and empathy with the ‘hurting’; and a keen desire to effectively ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others who struggled. These were the pathways. The merger transpired in February 2001: my application was the beginning of the fulfilling of a life goal – to become a professional counsellor.


After careful consideration, the Diploma with AIPC seemed the better choice when considering my options. Initially, I was excited by the Course Prospectus and attracted by the flexibility of a self-paced, home study course which would fit with family and teaching commitments. The course outline appeared comprehensive. As well, the cost was affordable in monthly instalments. For me, the Diploma offered the best value in terms of money, time and equipping me for the counselling role.


At 49 years of age, I sensed an urgency to complete the course. At my age, however, it was not always easy to absorb the learning, despite the clarity of the Books of Reading and the corresponding Workbooks. For me, the Diploma was challenging, but thankfully, the telephone was always handy. In moments of struggle, I had ready access to Education Advisers who skilfully guided my thinking.


The practical seminars were times of further learning. I recall very nervously anticipating my first seminar, only to find it was conducted in a relaxed fashion, with skilful direction to nurture my ‘weak spots’ and friendly encouragement in my strengths. The Presenter, Carol Moore, was a real person – warm, motivating, interesting and relevant.


After 20 months, the 22 units were completed, with great relief and sense of achievement. Graduation Day was meaningful. Then came the really scary part! I needed courage to step out and begin practising counselling formally. Initially I conducted Grief sessions and later a workshop on Personality Needs. With encouragement from my husband, I began leasing a room within a complex, receiving wonderful support from staff and members. Since beginning to practise, a steady growing stream of clients have come through, with a variety of personal issues. For me, the experience has been humbling.


From here on, I will work to grow in effectiveness through further professional development and experience, seeking to be a counsellor who respects and cares for those who struggle as I also have done.


Rosalie Follett


plus As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed listening to people discuss issues they have in their lives and now I am qualified to do this and get paid for it!

I decided to undertake the Diploma of Professional Counselling to add a specific skill to my existing Bachelor of Arts Degree, while I waited for my youngest son to reach school age. I knew I wanted to return to work when he started school so I aimed to complete my studies by that date. I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and this factor, combined with my ultimate career goal, motivated me to continue.


Upon completion of my studies I spent one month applying for positions when I gained employment as a Vocational Consultant with an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider for three days per week. My counselling skills were well regarded and are, in fact, recognised by the Victorian Workcover Authority as an Allied Health Qualification. My role involves providing vocational and rehabilitation counselling to clients who are unable to return to their employer due to their physical or physiological injury, or clients who require assistance in returning to their pre-injury role on modified/alternative duties.


I enjoy my work immensely and I am gaining valuable experience in the counselling field. I have an excellent work/life balance and I am pleased to be able to utilise my Diploma of Professional Counselling and work in the area I have always had an interest in.


Nicole Witham


plus Since graduating as a Professional Counsellor, I commenced a home-based business and have been fortunate to have been faced with such a diversity of presenting problems and be able to help people with my counselling skills.

I’m pleased with my success and I thank the staff of AIPC for their caring and wonderful support!


Cleide Texeira


plus If you are a naturally caring person and love to help others in need, this course is a must! Not only will you be helping others, you will be helping yourself too. This course will help you communicate better, know yourself better and ultimately to become a better person.

The course material is packaged in neat A4 booklets which contain excerpts from a range of counselling text books which means you have what you need at your fingertips, without having to search out reference material.


The questions in the student workbooks will help you to explore your understanding of the subjects. Much emphasis is placed upon reflection.


Studying from home is an exercise in discipline, but you will never feel along with all the assistance that the Institute provides. Whenever I have needed assistance, there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone on the Institute’s Study Assistance Line. I also receive regular mail with encouraging bookmarks, and supportive comments in my workbooks. And, for those who love the internet, AIPC have a great website too!


I have always helped others and people have naturally come to me for assistance within life’s multiple coloured dramas. This course is fine-tuning my natural skills and providing me with a qualification to enable me to get paid for what I love to do!


If you are caring and want a professional qualification without leaving your home, then this is the course for you!


Bridget Cameron


plus I completed the Diploma of Professional Counselling in 16 months.

I have always enjoyed working with people and counselling just became a natural progression as well as providing me with a rewarding career option. I was initially concerned as I had not studied for some 30 years, but the staff at my Student Support Centre and the Education Advisers and everyone associated with AIPC were always supportive and helped in any way they could. It only took a few weeks before I gained confidence and momentum to begin enjoying studying and the challenge it provided.


I loved every moment of being a student and the knowledge I was accumulating. I found the course materials provided were comprehensive and easy to understand, and being able to submit my work via the Internet was terrific. I also liked the fact I could undertake Advanced Study Majors in the areas I found more interesting such as Grief and Loss, and Relationship Counselling. As I was still working, being able to set my own pace was also a huge bonus. It really did take the stress out of studying.


I now have a small counselling practice which I operate from home and I am extremely happy that I took the step and gained my Diploma with AIPC. I would suggest anyone thinking about doing the same get in touch with their nearest Centre.


Susanne Kessel


plus The support of the AIPC team was brilliant and I have made some lifelong friends and colleagues.

After an amazing career as a policewoman, only losing it to an accident, I found myself being a stay at home mum again and using all my time for the family and allowing nothing for myself. In my forties, with plenty of time on my hands I found myself becoming increasingly disillusioned with how my life was becoming a dull routine and no longer challenging. My husband suggested further study into something I was passionate about and that is when I came across the AIPC website.


I sat on it for a few weeks before realising it was me that was able to map my life out and make something great out of it because nobody was going to knock on my front door and do it for me. I made the call and spoke with Rob Carrigan who was a wealth of information and encouragement. I began studying for the Diploma of Counselling in July 2012 and was excited yet a little nervous when my first pack arrived in the mail. I dedicated all my spare time to my studies and the workshops and graduated in July 2013.


The support of the AIPC team was brilliant and I have made some lifelong friends and colleagues. After graduating I held my diploma and thought “Well, what now?” I decided not to wait, because the time would never be just right and instead began networking furiously with other graduates as well as attending short courses on offer from other government and non-government agencies to not only increase my professional development but to also get my name out there and let myself be known to people. I applied for a job in mental health and to my surprise (and delight), won a full time position for a federally funded organisation.


Challenges certainly make life interesting but overcoming them is what makes our lives more meaningful. I realised that I have a place in the world and it’s my life, so I am doing all I can with it and making it the life I want to live.


Carlotta Graham

plus For many years I had an interest in counselling, so I sent off for some information from the AIPC. There were challenges as I live in Alice Springs with no next door neighbour doing the same course. I found the AIPC’s study support team a huge asset to me and they were all very patient with my phone calls for HELP!

I was determined to finish the course in one year. I remember setting myself a target each week of what I wanted to finish and much to my surprise, I managed to hold my target. This was a huge success for me as I hadn’t studied for over 29 years and then I hated it all those

years ago.


Not only did I finish the Diploma of Professional Counselling but I also completed two advanced study majors in Grief and Loss and Relationships and Conflict Resolution. I have just started up my own business from home and in the first week of operating I have had doctors referring patients onto me. It is a great feeling to have those professionals believe, not just in me, but in the AIPC Diploma.


For the clients that I have already seen I can see an improvement in them, this is after all a wish of mine come true: to help someone in need. There is no greater satisfaction in life than to see a sad face turn to a smile.


Here I would like to thank each and everyone at AIPC for assisting me through this personal journey. I made it because you genuinely cared, it showed that what you teach you also preach.


Jane Oakley-Lohm


plus After many years in the hairdressing and hospitality industry, I started to think about a change in my career direction. Secretly I dreamt of working within the social or community services sector because I loved working with people, but the thought of going to University was daunting to say the least.

Glancing through the paper I came across the advertisement for AIPC. As I researched AIPC, I realised this self-paced study system could be a stepping stone for me, so I commenced studies with AIPC - I was on my way.


I continued working part time in hospitality while studying, I found the self paced structure was perfect and the Study Assistance Line so helpful, especially at times when I found I was ‘stuck’. Attending the seminars was a wonderful opportunity to meet other students and helped me to realise the ups and downs I was going through were ‘normal’, we were all balancing home life, work and study: ‘not an easy task’. Gaining practical experience and building friendships along the way helped to bring it all together.


I volunteered with the Senior Citizens respite group in my local area and enjoyed the work and the people. So I decided to start applying for positions in the industry a few months before I expected to complete the Diploma. Initially I was unsuccessful in gaining employment, however I managed to secure a full time position as a Family Support Worker with Lifeline Community Care. The position was in my local area and despite the fact that I had yet to complete my last unit, Lifeline recognised that I had the right qualifications for the job!


I graduated from the Diploma and am currently working with women and children escaping Domestic Violence, while this area may sound extremely difficult I find it rewarding. I have to say that I could not wish for a better foundation than the AIPC Diploma. Dealing with a diverse range of people, ages, and pretty startling situations, I am learning every day and it’s a thrill seeing what I have studied being put into practice.


I think I may have caught the study bug as I am now completing two advanced study majors, Abuse and Abuse Trauma Counselling and Grief and Loss. I feel these two majors will compliment my position as a Family Support Worker and University does not appear quite so daunting.


Many thanks to the team at AIPC for their support and guidance throughout my studies. I encourage others who are thinking of exploring a new road, but are concerned about their age or academic abilities, to just go for it.


Joy Kite


plus I completed the Diploma of Professional Counselling in mid 2003; my partner of fifteen years had moved to Queensland seeking work, and I remained in Tasmania, as my father was terminally ill.

During the two years we lived apart, I undertook the Advanced Study Major in Grief and Loss with AIPC, and also trained with a national crisis telephone counselling organisation, working in a voluntary capacity on the phones following completion of training. I gained valuable practical experience in this role, where much of the theory presented in the AIPC counselling course was used extensively, and I would strongly encourage students to become involved in voluntary counselling work if such an opportunity presents itself. As well as gaining practical experience, it was a wonderful confidence booster, and I also made some lovely friends!


It became possible for me to relocate to Queensland last year, and I joined my partner in Gladstone in early September. Wishing to become involved in the community, I sought voluntary counselling work, and also applied for a paid position which was advertised in the local paper in October. Happily, I was selected for an interview, and was fortunate in being offered the job! I am delighted to say that I am now working on a permanent part-time basis as the Domestic and Family Violence Court Support Worker with a well-known Queensland welfare organisation, and enjoying the challenge of the position enormously.


However, whilst I feel privileged to have been offered this job, I also know that it didn’t come about purely by accident. Rather, I had worked hard, gained the qualification I set out to achieve, and refused to become discouraged along the way by constant media reports that people over a certain age are continually overlooked by prospective employers!


So, I say to any students who may be struggling with the motivation to push ahead through all those units…. keep going, remain positive, believe in yourself and your own unique abilities, and above all – never give up! It may be difficult at times, but stay inspired by the thought that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and success has very little to do with luck, and everything to do with hard work and perseverance


Judy Marshall


plus I enrolled with the AIPC when I realised that the Diploma course would compliment my chosen field of work. That is meditations, personal growth groups and individual counselling.

After successfully completing the first few units, (and working through my feelings of uncertainty about my academic abilities), I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the course was presented, how supportive the team at the AIPC were and how relevant the course material was to both my personal and professional life.


Within two months of graduating I have established a wonderful and constantly growing personal growth group for women as well as a steadily growing meditation group. I have seen how the skills the I have acquired through the course are the reasons for my rapid success.


At this stage in my professional development, I am feeling very fulfilled by working with the two groups as I know that I am just at the beginning of an exciting and meaningful career. I am reaping rewards and benefits, too numerous to list, but which inspire me to continue to learn and gain practical experience to pursue further goals.


I am deeply grateful to AIPC for their constant support, encouragement and downright positive attitude! Thank you and congratulations to all at AIPC for providing the opportunity for me to create the career of my dreams!


Lisa Pattison


plus With great enthusiasm I am writing to say thank you to the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors for their encouragement, professionalism and persistence in giving myself the opportunity and encouragement through the 3-year period of my studies.

Looking back when I completed my Diploma of Professional Counselling in November 2009, I can without a doubt give 100 per cent credit to the degree qualified education advisors for their help through the toll-free study assistance line.


Also, full credit to the Counselling instructors throughout the 7 seminars and tutorials which gave me the opportunity to apply the theory from the units into contemporary counselling scenarios, also a great opportunity to meet with fellow students participating in case work sessions under the full instruction of the highly qualified lecturers. I found these seminars very encouraging and they provided a first class forum for interaction and discussion.


I would like to say thank you to all staff that I was associated with in relation to achieving my Diploma, and to co-ordinating the logistics of a first class external study program. I also found the reflect icon in our workbooks gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings in relation to counselling practices.


I am currently working in a secondary school college environment as a student welfare counsellor. I would like to encourage everyone to look at the options in which the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors offer students in relation to a counselling career. A very highly experience and nationally recognised training program which developed a truly new and exciting course to benefit anyone working in a counselling capacity. I am thankful and my relationship with the Institute will continue through the Graduate Membership Program.


Brian Johnson


plus A few years ago I reached the age of 40 and started questioning where I was going and what I was doing with my life. I had most things that I had ever wanted so why wasn't I completely satisfied? I had worked clerically in the medical field for 10 years and when I examined why I'd stayed in this field for so long, I realised that it was the patient contact and care that I really enjoyed and that working with people with terminal or chronic illness held a particular interest for me, but I wanted to do more for them. That was when I thought of counselling, and I very hesitantly made enquiries about the AIPC Diploma course which I commenced in November 2003.


I still remember reading that very first page of the textbook with great gusto and then reading it again, and again, and again. What had I done? I hadn't studied in 25 years! My comprehension skills had abandoned me and I was filled with self-doubt. Once the panic subsided, I decided to start reading slowly and saying the words out loud. If I didn't understand something, I re-read it until I did. It was tedious but within the week my comprehension skills returned and the material was actually making sense.


Other memorable, and often panic filled, moments occurred during the course such as the day the first module came back from marking, and my not being unable to open it for 15 minutes because I was convinced that it would say 'Not yet competent' (this same scenario lasted for perhaps the first 10 modules!) and the utter panic that occurred when I had to do the first case study. I didn't even know where to start!


It wasn't easy to keep going. Working full-time and keeping to a study schedule wasn't always easy because 'life' also seemed to keep happening and throwing a spanner in the works. It seemed that horrible things just kept happening; in one particular year we had one family tragedy or set-back after another. But I decided that I really wanted to keep doing the course and if I ever hoped to finish it, I would have to make it a priority. I also realised that 'life' was going to happen whether I was studying or not and that it was no use making excuses so I decided to get up early and to study for 1 to 1.5 hrs every morning before work because I was usually too tired at the end of the day to study effectively and studying early meant that I was refreshed and things sank in. Doing this really worked for me and I started to work my way through the workbooks more quickly.


Finally after 2.5 years, all my hard work paid off and I was finished! I thought that once I finished I would never have to study again, but of course by then I had the study bug and immediately started on the Grief & Loss Advanced Study Major, which I am thoroughly enjoying and have nearly completed!


I now hope to open my own private practice in the not too distant future and, although this involves stepping way out of my comfort zone and making some major life changes, my enthusiasm and the skills that I have learned from studying the Diploma course have helped me overcome my fears. I have just commenced the Salvation Army's Telephone Counselling Course which will further enhance the skills that I learned during the Diploma course and which will give me the practical experience and supervision that can be difficult to get.


I can't recommend the AIPC course highly enough nor can I thank everyone enough for all their help. Robert Carrigan has been a great sounding board and is so generous with his time, Zahava and her unlimited knowledge of all things counselling has been an inspiration, and everyone at the study helpline, Kathleen in particular, were always there if I needed them. Thanks for a wonderful experience!


Candy Meredith


plus After working for many years in the computer industry I began to realise I have more to offer in the community than just sitting behind a computer keying in numbers.


I started this incredible journey focusing on the use of Natural Therapies. At that time my daughter was suffering very badly from food allergies. With the use of the Natural Therapy concept of looking at what is causing the allergy, we were able to get the help we needed. This also helped her to understand that the allergy may have been caused by deeper issues and feelings that had been suppressed for many years.


On returning to Australia and operating my own successful practice I decided that I had the ability to give my clients more. I found the need to incorporate mainstream counselling into the session, giving the client a well rounded and comprehensive approach to their issues. It was at this point I decided to take on another challenge by doing the Diploma of Professional Counselling. When I first looked at what I had to get through (all those units and seminars), I went straight into self doubt. My first thought was, will I ever be able to achieve this (after all I was told when I was growing up, I didn't have the ability to achieve). Once again this statement has been proved wrong. By learning how to think more positively and change my self talk to, 'I can do this', I have now completed my Diploma as well as Majors in Child Development and Grief and Loss.


I would like to thank AIPC, as it is through this course that the doors have opened wider, allowing me to grow professionally as well as in my personal life.


Christine Creswell


plus With the guidance and support of the AIPC team I completed my Diploma in November 06, and by January 07 landed my dream job as a trainer (who also requires a counselling qualification) relaunching the long term unemployed back into the workforce. The fit to my skill sets is breath-taking in its synchronicity.


Who could have known three years ago when I first picked up the phone and made the call. Who would have seen last November when I rang the student helpline at AIPC with fear and anxiety asking how on earth will I turn my forthcoming 'piece of paper' into paid work that the next step was just a leap of faith. My Diploma stacked up very well at the job interview as my now-manager (bless him) was quietly thinking in tangents about how I could also slot in to the company's future growth area, Youth Pathways, if he secured me now. I've got a lot to look forward to, by anybody's reckoning.


Distant education helped me to go about earning a living whilst I learned my craft, while I always enjoyed feelings of inclusivity from the astute crew at AIPC. You were ALWAYS there when I needed direction, guidance, support and encouragement. What a client champion you are! Tutor, Zahava, brings an exceptional quality to your team with a raft of counselling experience, knowledge and skill.


In fact, all of your staff are stand-outs, and when this high human resource standard is replicated in the training system and materials you provide students, I am motivated to highly recommend the AIPC to any individual seeking to become a recognised, accredited and qualified counselling graduate who can confidently hit the boards running into the profession.


In other words, if I can do it, so can YOU!


Jan Burquez


plus For many years I have worked in various administration jobs, I had not undertaken any formal study since leaving school and I had a strong desire to work in the Human Services Area.


I commenced my Diploma Course with AIPC in 2001. Initially I studied part-time, due to my level of commitments and transferred to full time study in 2002. Upon completion of this course I applied to QTAC and VTAC (Victoria) and subsequently I received offers for Social Science (Human Services) and Social Work.


In undertaking this course, I have developed independent learning strategies to self direct my studies. As I progressed through the course my level of self direction increased which enabled me to plan and coordinate activities relating to my studies and to balance work and family commitments efficiently. Another valuable component of self-paced learning was that my time management skills accelerated.


The competencies, knowledge and skills that I have gained throughout this course, I believe, will enable me to function successfully in a university environment. I found the Unit on Stress Management particularly informative and helpful for both clients (in my current volunteer work) and myself. The final unit provided an opportunity to learn about research and to undertake and evaluate a contemporary counselling issue by conducting a literature review, by debating and summarizing my findings. This exercise will be a valuable tool for future assignment writing.


My Diploma qualification has enabled me to work as a Volunteer Counsellor in providing clients and significant others with support, assessment, options and referrals in a caring, empathic, confidential and non-judgemental manner. This work has also provided me with and understanding and insight to many other agencies and organisations who offer professional delivery to people experiencing many difficulties and addictions.


Janet Maguire


plus My name is Jodi-Anne. I am a 2009 graduate of the AIPC Diploma of Professional Counselling. It took me a lot longer to complete the Diploma than normal as I stopped and started my study several times. I followed my intuition and read in greater depth in the areas that I really loved like person centred and gestalt approaches. I really appreciated the self-paced learning style and the support available.


I completed the abuse major back in 2005 knowing that this is the field I wanted to work in. I have spent most of my life healing from an abusive childhood – full of parental neglect, alcoholism, emotional and sexual abuse. I have undertaken a lot of healing through self-analysis, being a client of a counsellor specialising in art therapy and doing sessions with a wide range of alternative therapists. I thrived on learning about the healing process. I did the Diploma principally to help myself, but I knew that once I'd reached a certain point in my own healing I would share my story and support others on their healing journeys.


What I have discovered in working with survivors is that most people who suffer abuse do not know how to heal and are too scared to embrace, feel and release the painful emotions. They fear being swallowed up by them and never resurfacing. They fear discovering further abuse buried within and not coping. They fear taking the risk to open up and look within. Many don't believe that they can heal and they don't believe they are worthy of love and of kindness. Their early treatment and conditioning is so negative and so strong that healing and breaking free from it seems an unachievable goal.


Trusting others, God or themselves is too foreign, too much of a stretch. It's a massive undertaking truly facing all your conditioning and healing from child abuse. Many people don't do it and end up repeating painful patterns throughout their life as those issues try to surface to be healed. It is very sad seeing people trapped by the past. It is my privilege to be a guide, a role model, showing people how to heal and supporting them through the process.


Many years ago I started running short workshops at a community college – 'Overcome your fears', 'Break free from repetitive patterns', and 'Heal from painful families'. Class size was set at 27 and involved providing information, doing exercises, sharing and self-reflection. The content was mostly theoretical containing lots of information from books that I had found useful in healing those issues in my life.


It was very mental and quite impersonal. This suited many people as they weren't yet ready to open up too much themselves, especially in such a big group of strangers. Some were ready, some weren't. I shared examples from my healing journey and people told me that they found this inspirational. It gave them hope that healing was possible and most importantly it helped them to accept themselves more, to see that their experiences had led to their behaviour and low self-esteem.


While this is a great step forward I felt the workshops were only an introduction to the process. More was needed to support them to actually make the changes in their own lives. I now prefer to run workshops with fewer participants where people can share more of their own experience and speak from their hearts about their process. I still provide handouts so that people can read the theory on how to heal, but I focus more on creating a loving and supportive environment where people can get in touch with their pain, their intuition and what they need to do next. I prefer to provide ongoing opportunities for such sharing through regular group work.


I have recently published a book titled 'The healing journey demystified: achieving sustainability one heart at a time'. This book contains both information on the steps involved in healing from child abuse and my process through the stages as a real life example. I explain all my conditioning, my addictions used to avoid my pain and try to prove I was okay (study, work, relationships), my defense mechanisms and repetitive patterns, the projections I used and the realisations I had as I healed. I have included appendices showing how art and dream analysis can be used as powerful healing tools.


The feedback so far has been very positive with people saying that the book has helped them to understand their behaviour and provided insights as to the next steps for them to take. If you are a survivor of child abuse or you work with survivors I'd like to invite you to explore my website There are links to a range of free e-books on personal development and manuals on healing from child abuse. There is also a link where you can purchase my book if you feel drawn to do so.


I am very grateful to the AIPC for all their support and for making the counselling study available in a way that is so flexible. It was a great starting point for understanding human behaviour and counselling approaches. It was an important part in my healing journey.


Jodi-Ann Smith


plus I would firstly like to thank all the staff at AIPC for their valuable support over the last four years. They have been very supportive and have provided me with the encouragement to complete the diploma. I would especially like to thank Kevin Franklin for making the seminars enjoyable and helping me to learn the most difficult part about the studies, counselling. The hands-on experience of the seminars and meeting other students was very valuable and enjoyable.


Four years to complete the diploma is quite a long time, but when I joined up in June 2005, after some months of consideration and deciding to proceed, I was already studying an Advanced Diploma in Accounting, which reduced the time available to devote to the Counselling Diploma. It therefore took me a couple of months to complete the first unit.


During the course there were a number of other demands on my time, including working full-time, another Diploma and sporting commitments. However, with the Counselling Diploma constantly at the back of my mind, I decided in January 2008 that I would make a commitment and complete the remaining 12 units by the end of 2009. This I accomplished four months early, with two majors. I was really happy and excited when I received my last 'competent' unit back in July 2009, and even more so after completing the 'Counselling Process Practical Component' Seminar in early August, meaning that I had finally completed the Diploma.


I enjoyed the format of studying the diploma, as I was able to progress at my own pace, and along with the online units this helped immensely, as at times I was completing two or three units within a month or two. When I first started this would have been impossible as there was no access online, and I had to send the workbooks to Queensland by 'snail mail'.


Throughout my studies I have gained a lot confidence and understanding of myself, giving me a much better outlook on life and how to deal with other people. Thank you once again AIPC for all of your support and encouragement.


Karen McMinn


plus I am writing to AIPC today to say thank you and all your staff for running such a well coordinated and structured course in counselling.


I have just received my Diploma after four years of part time study with AIPC, and like many, I have had to balance study with full time work and family as well as the disability of being dyslexic. What has made the whole process a lot smoother has been the patience of the staff at AIPC. The markers always had kind and constructive remarks that assisted me in completing some of the harder assignments.


In the practicals, the instructors were nurturing as well as having the patience of saints, both in the one-on-ones as well as the seminars. They, like all good counsellors had the ability to assist you in finding the confidence required to carry out the necessary tasks.


In reflection on the course, the greatest asset I found that assisted me in the completion of the Diploma was the tireless work carried out by Peter and Marion Kesper (Regional Queensland branch).


When I first met Peter he provided for me the archetype of how I would like to be as a counsellor. His calm and empathetic nature is a credential that speaks volumes for AIPC's choice of Regional Queensland Manager. Peter is always there with encouragement and a kind word and makes himself available to answer some of the hardest (and sometimes the silliest) questions.


Marion would have to be the Queen of the paperwork jungle, all the materials I required were always sent to me on time as well as making time to talk and explain the course materials when I became confused.


To add to what I have written, the course structure, continuity and content have made me a confident counsellor and I thank all those involved.


All in all, I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in counselling.


Lee Rogers


plus My studies with the institute began in February 2004 and I completed my units in June 2005. Yes I am one of those focused, determined and organized people that everyone hates. When I make a decision to do something I just get my head down and no matter what obstacles I come across, I strive towards the finish line.


My personal growth journey started a few years before I decided to study and I am still thoroughly amazed by what I am doing with my life. As well as being all of the above I am also one of those counselors who have themselves been abused. Some of you will realize how far I have come up to this point, some of you may not realize this as yet. I have gone form being a person who couldn't look another human being in the eye, so low was my self esteem, to doing things with my life that are beyond my wildest dreams. I found it very difficult to speak to other people and I find myself wondering how I ever managed to have a life at all. Let me tell you what I am doing now. I have begun to counsel people individually and my clients have come to me through word of mouth.


I have done nothing to deliberately market my skills at all and I have been facilitating recovery groups for survivors of sexual abuse and for women with a dysfunctional family of origin for over a year now through my local church. The name of this ministry is Careforce. A few months ago my pastor approached me with regards to my becoming the ministry team leader for Careforce. I was over the moon for a couple of weeks and then the responsibility and work load hit me and I wasn't so sure.


Could I really teach people the skills that I had only just acquired myself? Did I really have what it takes to support a team of people who do this sort of work? Well I am doing it! I am currently in the middle of teaching my first facilitators training course and amazingly enough it is going very well. Next year I start my bachelor of social sciences degree majoring in Christian Counseling. My diploma gives me 8 units of credit for this degree and I have more credit from some psychology and child development studies that I did prior to my diploma. It is my long term plan to obtain my masters degree and go on to doctoral studies.


Look this might seem like I am blowing my own trumpet but really I am not. I just want to share with you all that is possible. You can achieve whatever is in your heart to achieve. The road might be a bit rocky at times, but remember that we grow through the tough times, not the smooth.


Yes I am focused and determined and all that stuff that you don't want to hear about, but I have struggled too. I have had units sent back because I have made silly mistakes. I have sat down to a 4 hour study period and got half an hour into it and dissolved into tears because of the issues it has brought up. I have even had to struggle through marital difficulties that I would have never imagined as I have grown and changed over the months as a result of the nature of these studies. I empathize with your struggles but I do not sympathize because I know with determination you too can succeed! If you struggle with managing your time, make out a study plan and stick to it.


Decide how long this diploma will take you realistically. Split your units into manageable bundles. I used school terms as I fitted my studies around my children. Decide how long each unit will take, even each section of a unit if you have to. Set yourself deadlines for each unit and make study a priority in your life. I think it is very important that you reward your self when you meet your deadlines and achieve each small goal.


Personally I have taken every available opportunity to get practical experience. You might think that you don't have the time to spare because you are studying, but it well worth the effort. I believe that I am far more confident as a beginning counsellor as a result of my practical experience than I would have been otherwise. Remember it all counts towards the hours of experience you need to accrue for membership with one of the counsellors associations.


You are in for a treat when you do finally complete your diploma. I will leave you in suspense. You will have to wait and see. Maybe if I have been unable to motivate you up until now this will give you the push you need. I want to encourage you to keep pressing on towards your goal and imagine the sense of satisfaction you will feel at the end.


Louise Fitzgerald


plus I would like to explain the journey of my studies with the A.I.P.C. From the first unit I started I was unsure of my ability's in completing the "22 Units" to my Diploma. As I was at the time 55 years old and had only completed courses that were no longer than 6 to 8 weeks long one night a week for about 2 hours.


When I started the course it was for my self mainly, as I had very low self-esteem, and had many issues that on a personal level that needed to be addressed. The result of the experience I gained from the course is better self-esteem, more confident person that is nose able to tackle tasks with out a second thought. All my family and friends have noticed a huge change in me over the time. To me this was not an easy journey as I was never good at school at studying, so for me to achieve my goal it took a lot of time and very hard work. The most important thing for me was setting small goals for each unit, and not thinking to far ahead. This is something also I learnt as I went further with my studies. If you look to far ahead we all get distracted from our goals.


At times you really have to just push yourself and say I will get this much done by this time. It is sometimes good to take a very short break and then reset your goals for the next stage. If you take to much time away from the study's you will find it harder to get back into the study mode. The seminars increased my confidence to speak and participate in group situations, which helped my self-esteem. I have learnt many skills during the course and now feel confident to plan my life to be able to help other people or children in many ways with the problems they may have.


This would not have happened without the support and help of others, such as the staff at both Carina and the valley, who have always been there to help, with their friendly support. In closing I would like to thank again all at A.I.P.C. for their help for me by phone, seminars, or tutorials. I would also like to wish all current students the very best, and to say stay with it, the rewards for yourself and the help you can give others is without a doubt the feeling that you can experience.


Lyn Holt


plus Completing a 14-week Lifeline Telephone Counselling course in 2004 wet my appetite for further study in Counselling.


I was informed about the AIPC diploma from a friend who had completed the Diploma. May 2005 was the beginning of a new world of learning, I was concerned for my learning ability and discipline to study as I had not studied for over 30 years and I was aware of the many distractions and commitments at home and in my life.


I did get distracted along the way with work commitments, ill health and family however I made the decision in 2008 to concentrate on completing the Diploma in 2009. I resigned from my fulltime position as a High School Teachers Aide and having faith that "Doors will open" once I had completed the Diploma.


I started on Unit 9 in February and worked out how many Units I needed to complete each month and focused on the end goal and got to work. The family and friends were all informed of my decision and they constantly remained a great source of support and encouragement along the way.


Some long nights and early mornings were part of the deal for me, as this was the time when my brain went into action (sometimes). As each Unit was completed and when results came back, I would send a group email (Study Update) out to friends and family. Feedback from these emails where very well received and much appreciated. I completed the diploma in January 2010, just in time to go on a cruise.12 months onwards to the day, I was successfully employed by Lifeline Community Care Mackay/Whitsunday.


My position is Counsellor/Educator for the PSCP Program (Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program) in this position, I work with separated parents who are in conflict with each other and this conflict is affecting the parenting of the child/children. I am enjoying working in the Counselling sector and often drive home feeling that "I have made a difference" in someone's life today.


The support that I received from the AIPC team has been excellent and the standard and quality of their training is of a very high standard. I am very proud of my Diploma and I continue to recommend the AIPC to potential recipients. Thank you.


Maggie Newport


plus With one hand I receive my Diploma with excitement, pride, joy, and dreams realised, but on the other hand I reach out to those who may need guidance and direction sharing with them life skills and keys to freedom. With better knowledge, passion and experience it is a great privilege to be given the opportunity to speak into people's lives, something that I don't ever want to take for granted.


May I encourage each and everyone of you who finds studying a drudgery to keep the momentum going the way I did. I kept myself accountable and I had a study partner, and just kept setting myself a goal. Don't forget the dream, the purpose as to why you started studying counselling. Whether it is just out of interest or just to gain knowledge and skills remember, that these are never wasted. It is also important to reward yourself when you achieve a unit. I am determined to further my qualifications in the areas of Family and Relationship Counselling.


To put what I have learnt into practice, I am looking forward to working in my local church, the community, local GP's, and setting up my own private practice called – A Positive Soulution Counselling (A Change From The Inside Out).


In closing, I hope that a snippet of my story has inspired you. Remember to 'Live your dream – Believe in yourself and Just do it!'


Mari-Shell Scott

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