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Edition 1 2016

After someone has been exposed to a traumatic event, he or she may experience significant distress and/or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. In this edition, we define and describe trauma; explore the DSM-5 descriptions of ASD and PTSD; and look at how CBT interventions may help traumatised clients.


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Edition 4 2015

As a mental health practitioner, you will be familiar with the twin problems of client ambivalence and resistance. Motivational Interviewing (MI) was spawned to help clients change by working with the approach-avoid nature of ambivalence that goes hand in hand with attempts to change - and typically generates grand resistance.


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Edition 3 2015

Psychoeducation has been termed the combining of "the empowerment of the affected" with "scientifically-founded treatment expertise" in as efficient a manner as possible (Bauml, Frobose, Kraemer, Rentrop, & Pitschel-Walz, 2006/2014). In this edition, we give you an understanding of what comprises psychoeducation, how it may be delivered - in which formats and for what conditions - and what results a clinician offering it may reasonably expect.


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Edition 2 2015

Collectively, anxiety disorders plague the lives of one in six or seven people in western, English-speaking countries. In this edition, we briefly explain the basic principles of a cognitive-behavioural approach, look at the evidence showing that it works, list the key skills needed by CBT therapists, and review how effective CBT is in the treatment of anxiety disorders.


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Edition 1 2015

To come into relationship with the notion that one is - and probably has always been - different from the "norm" of heterosexuality is for many individuals a terrifying experience, bringing with it a plethora of social, interpersonal, intrapersonal, employment, and sometimes religious and legal issues. The focus of this edition is on counselling the gender-diverse client.


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Edition 4 2014

This edition focuses on the challenges of getting older, with a specific focus on two growing populations: the depressed elderly and the older folk among us who are in chronic pain.


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