Institute Inbrief
Published Title    
20/08/2009Parenting an Adolescent, Part 2; Work-Life Balance   View
01/08/2009Parenting an Adolescent, Part 1; Reframing Your Thoughts   View
14/07/2009Special Edition - Exploring Motivational Enhancement Therapy   View
30/06/2009Ethics and Disclosure; a Case of Career Development   View
10/06/2009A Case of Anxiety and Stress; Teaching Clients to Become Assertive   View
27/05/2009Principles of Active Listening; How to Resist Retail Therapy   View
12/05/2009Therapeutic and Counselling Groups; a Case of Stress   View
28/04/2009Reacting to a Job Loss, Part 2; a Case of Mid Life Crisis   View
07/04/2009Reacting to a Job Loss, Part 1; What is a Mastermind Group?   View
24/03/2009Solution Focused techniques; Dealing with Childhood Anxiety   View
11/03/2009Conflict resolution skills, Part 3; a Case of Critical Incident Counselling   View
25/02/2009Conflict resolution skills, Part 2; a Case of Low Self-Esteem   View
03/02/2009Conflict resolution skills; a Case using Behaviour Therapy   View
17/12/2008Identifying child abuse; A case of grief and loss   View
03/12/2008Behaviour modification with children; Preventing burnout in practice   View
11/11/2008A case of stressful life change; Working with conflict resolution   View
29/10/2008Practical strategies for parents; Exploring genograms   View
15/10/2008Interesting info on relationships; jobs available; being Assertive   View
30/09/2008Self-evaluation strategies; Disclosure and confidentiality   View
16/09/2008Motivational Interviewing; Narrative Therapy Skills   View


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