Diploma of Counselling

There has never been a better time for you to become a counsellor. The need for counsellors in Australia has never been greater.


Just look at these highlights from the Australia Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey:

  • The Counselling profession has grown at a rate of 28.1% in the 2 preceding years.
  • In the last 12 months alone Counsellor employment has grown by an immense 30.36% (based on Federal Government Job Statistics).
  • The Counselling profession outgrew all other Occupations by more than 200%.
  • This industry sector has the fastest growth rate predicted for the next 5 years.
  • Over 24% of all new workforce growth will be from community services and health to 2015, growing at a rate of 3.3% per year or 211,500 jobs.

As a counsellor, you’ll be doing what you love and have the security of knowing there are many opportunities for work and self-employment.


We've helped people from all sorts of backgrounds become counsellors. Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Some are seeking a fresh start in a rewarding profession. Whilst others are seeking to acquire counselling skills as an adjunct to their core profession – such as teachers, nurses, ministers of religion, corrective services officers and administrators.


Our Diploma of Counselling is a world-class, internationally-acclaimed counselling course. It features several popular counselling theories along with the fundamentals of human behaviour and practices of counselling.


The Diploma has received worldwide recognition for its contribution to the counselling industry and will provide you with an excellent platform from which to pursue your career in counselling.


The Diploma of Counselling:

  • Allows you to study from home, so you can fit learning around your lifestyle.
  • Allows you to maximise your investment. By studying from home and at your own pace, you will save thousands of dollars off traditional classroom programs because you are not paying for expensive campus facilities.
  • Includes all the course material you require in quality hardcopy workbooks. Plus, if you’re internet savvy you can use our online learning system to access course material, extra resources, video lectures, submit assignments, contact your tutor and more.
  • Includes a variety of payment methods, including a regular monthly plan, so you can select the payment method that best suits your needs.

Our Diploma of Counselling is the most popular counselling program in the country. We've delivered the program for over 20-years, incorporating an immense amount of professional and industry experience. The program is a unique and liberating journey of self discovery, which will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to practise as a counsellor.

The Diploma of Counselling is a nationally recognised training program in Australia, so you can be assured of its quality, status and integrity.


Australia's system of recognising training organisations and qualifications is one of the most stringent in the world. As a training organisation, we are required to implement extensive systems and processes that ensure the quality and accuracy of the training we provide. These systems and processes include, but are not limited to: business management, course and program development, course delivery, assessing students and marketing of our courses. Subsequently, you are assured of the quality of our course and our integrity as a reputable training organisation.


Our Diploma of Counselling has been developed to meet with a very high standard of education. We utilise the resources of leading authors and texts in the counselling field from around the world. As such, our Diploma examines most of the prominent counselling models and approaches used by specialists today.


Our Diploma is also accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), a national peak association of counsellors and psychotherapists. AIPC is one of few providers nationally to meet the high standard of the Australian Counselling Association, which in many areas is more extensive and rigorous than government standards. This accreditation and industry endorsement adds further credibility to your qualification and will assist you practise as a counsellor.


We are sure you will find the topics included in our Diploma of Counselling to be both interesting and contemporary with the course and individual workbooks structured cohesively to assist your learning. The course is comprised of 18 core workbooks that focus on a range of theoretical and practical counselling topics.


 Diploma of Counselling (CHC51712)
Workbook No & Topic Units Of Competency Covered In Workbook
Workbook 1 - Counselling and the Counselling Process CHCCSL501A - Work within a structured counselling framework and CHCCSL507B - Support clients in decision making processes
Workbook 2 - Communication and the Counselling Interview CHCCSL502A - Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills
Workbook 3 - The Counselling Relationship CHCCSL503B - Facilitate the counselling relationship
Workbook 4 - Personality and Development Theories CHCCSL504A - Apply personality and development theories
Workbook 5 - Learning Theories CHCCSL505A - Apply learning theories in counselling
Workbook 6 - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CHCCSL506A - Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues and CHCCSL507B - Support clients in decision making processes
Workbook 7 - Person Centered Therapy CHCCSL506A - Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues and CHCCSL507A - Support clients to decide on a course of action
Workbook 8 - Gestalt Therapy CHCCSL506A - Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues and CHCCSL507A - Support clients to decide on a course of action
Workbook 9 - Solution Focused Therapy CHCCSL506A - Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues and CHCCSL507A - Support clients to decide on a course of action
Workbook 10 - Narrative Therapy CHCCSL506A - Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues and CHCCSL507A - Support clients to decide on a course of action
Workbook 11 - Legal and Ethical Issues CHCCSL508B - Apply legal and ethical responsibilities in counselling practice and HLTWHS300A - Contribute to OHS processes
Workbook 12 - Counselling and Personal Reflection CHCCSL509A - Reflect and improve upon counselling skills
Workbook 13 - Relationship Issues CHCCSL510A - Work effectively with relationship issues
Workbook 14 - Family Therapy CHCCSL506A - Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues and CHCCSL511A - Provide interventions to address family issues
Workbook 15 - Client Suitability and Clients at Risk CHCCSL512A - Determine suitability of client for counselling services and CHCCS514B - Recognise and respond to individuals at risk
Workbook 16 - Case Management CHCCM503C - Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management
Workbook 17 - Working with Diversity HLTHIR403C - Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
Workbook 18 - Group Counselling CHCICS405B - Facilitate groups for individual outcomes

For over 20-years AIPC has set the benchmark for service and support in external counselling studies. We are the only counselling educator to offer a complete external study support system that has been developed and refined over decades of research and continual student feedback.


Study Assistance with Degree-qualified Education Advisers


As a student you have unlimited access to the Institute’s Toll Free 1300 Study Assistance Line. Our Degree-qualified Education Advisers are available 9am and 5pm EST Monday to Friday to provide you with friendly academic support. Their focus is to support you throughout your studies so you can graduate in the time frame you set. This includes answering questions on assignment topics, personal coaching on assignment writing, and giving hints and tips on specific concepts. The Study Assistance Line is there whenever you feel you need a bit of extra guidance.


Practical Experience


The structure of the Diploma of Counselling ensures you graduate with sufficient practical skill so you can apply your counselling knowledge with confidence. The course includes a number of practical components that cover a range of topics including Communication, Counselling and Interview Skills, The Counselling Process, Practical Application of Counselling Therapies and Family Therapy.


Because we have students all across Australia, and indeed the world, we provide a variety of flexible options to enable timely and effective completion of the practical components. Regular seminars give you the opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in contemporary counselling scenarios. They are also a great opportunity to get together with fellow students and participate in casework sessions under the guidance of a qualified Lecturer. Seminars are held regularly in most capital cities throughout Australia.


Students who may not be able to attend seminars for whatever reason, can elect to complete the practical components through alternate means, such as a one-on-one or small group session with a private assessor. We have private assessors in numerous regional areas across Australia.


Students can also complete their practical components by recording their demonstration of skills on DVD or video tape and sending in to us. We have guidelines available to assist students compile their recordings and develop effective role plays to demonstrate their skills.




Optional tutorials are a support service that is available at most Student Support Centres. Tutorials provide you with support on each written subject. They are conducted as a two-hour mini-lecture and will assist you in understanding theory, provide you with tips on how to structure your study timetable, help you successfully compile your assignments and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


If you are unable to attend a tutorial, you can always call our friendly Education Advisers on the national Toll Free Study Assistance Line and have your questions answered over the phone – or just email your Tutor.


Institute Website


The Institute website is an extremely helpful study resource. Via the website you can access the Online Resource Centre which is your link to numerous study support and e-learning functions. You can:

  • Download electronic versions of your workbooks,
  • Complete your activities and upload for marking,
  • Contact an Online Education Adviser for study assistance,
  • Access the Knowledge Base, a massive database of the most commonly asked academic questions, categorised for particular subjects, activities and concepts,
  • See when seminars are available in your area,
  • Plus much more.

Unique Resources To Expand Your Learning


The Institute has developed a comprehensive range of resources to help you expand your knowledge and practical skills throughout your studies and beyond.


As a student you receive a complimentary subscription to The Professional Therapist magazine. The Professional Therapist is a quality industry publication full of practical case studies and counselling scenarios to hone your skills and broaden your knowledge.


The Institute also has a large reference list of books and resources for students who wish to broaden their reading. This list covers the areas of Counselling, Psychology, Sociology and Behavioural Science.


Capitalising on the accessibility of the internet, the Institute has developed two websites to complement your studies. The Institute's Articles site at www.aipc.net.au/articles is an online facility where you can browse numerous articles on a variety of counselling topics. And Counselling Connection, the Institute's official blog, at www.counsellingconnection.com, assists you with access the latest information about counselling and what's happening in the industry.


There are also numerous ways to connect to the Institute through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Google Communities.

The Diploma of Counselling is supported by a number of optional Advanced Study Majors. Advanced Study Majors allow you to study and gain advanced knowledge and skill in the specialised counselling area of your choice. The Advanced Study Major Program involves the completion of one or more optional Advanced Study Majors in addition to the Diploma of Counselling.


The Majors provide you with the opportunity to specialise in any of the following highly relevant fields of counselling:

The Majors are specifically designed to provide you with a higher level of practical and theoretical knowledge in a specialised field of counselling. You are able to enrol into an Advanced Study Major at the time of your enrolment into the Diploma of Counselling, or at any subsequent time. The advantage of early enrolment in an Advanced Study Major is that studies can be completed concurrently with your Diploma. There is also no limit on the number of Advanced Study Majors you can undertake.


The Advanced Study Majors can be completed by either a home-study or face-to-face mode of study. Studying your ASM via the traditional home-study option follows a similar process as to completing your studies for the Diploma. Students are sent a workbook and readings for the ASM and submit their assessment for marking.


Alternatively, students are also able to complete their ASM by attending a workshop. Many students enjoy the interactive, practical workshops because they are a refreshing change from the traditional external study method and provide the opportunity to meet other students. Students also have the flexibility to change into this mode of study even after selecting the home-study option.


** Please note that whilst the Advanced Study Majors are highly relevant to specialty areas in counselling practise, by nature they do not form a part of the accredited curriculum.

Download Course Prospectus



You can download a full course prospectus here, simply by clicking on the Download button below. The prospectus is stored and displayed in PDF format, so will require Adobe Acrobat or other compatible viewer. If you do not have a compatible viewer, please click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Simply put, our Diploma of Counselling is the most competitively priced counselling qualification available in Australia.


If you're comparing other educational opportunities, you'll very quickly find that AIPC's Diploma of Counselling is the most competitively priced qualification of its kind.


The reason for this is simple. Being the largest counsellor educator in the country means we can spread our costs across a much larger student base. And our focus on flexible, external training means we have significantly lower overhead cost.


These are savings we pass directly back to you.


We also have a payment method to suit every student. If you decide to pay for your course upfront you'll enjoy a substantial discount; and you can concentrate on your studies without thinking about further payments.


If you would prefer to spread your payments, you can take advantage of our monthly payment plans over 21 or 24 months. Further savings apply if your monthly payments are made by credit card or direct debit.


We always strive to keep tuition as affordable as possible, opening up quality education for everyone.


Course* Reduced Upfront Payment Option Reduced Monthly Credit Card Option or Direct Debit
Diploma of Counselling $3490 $199 x 21 mths

+1 Advanced Study Major

(+ 1 Free ASM)

$4185 $209 x 24 mths

+2 Advanced Study Majors

(+ 2 Free ASM)

$4880 $244 x 24 mths

+3 Advanced Study Majors

(+ 3 Free ASM)

$5575 $279 x 24 mths

+4 Advanced Study Majors

(+ 4 Free ASM)

$6270 $314 x 24 mths


Enrolment is quick and easy. Just click on the Enrol Now button and we will guide you through the process. In a minute or two you’ll be on your way to becoming a professional counsellor.



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Noeleen Hankinson

In one week I went to four interviews and I was surprised, feeling I must write and let you know. AIPC is well known and respected in the industry. All of the Potential Employers could finish the AIPC letters: Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and felt that the Diploma had value. They felt it helps develop empathy, client responsibility, with our support and to never sit in judgement of our clients, all essential ingredients in this industry. They all mentioned that AIPC was therefore worthwhile and relevant in Social & Community Work, with both Carers and Clients.

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Nicole Witham

As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed listening to people discuss issues they have in their lives and now I am qualified to do this and get paid for it!

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Bridget Cameron

I started the Bachelor of Counselling Course in March 2008. When I first found out about the course I was excited at the prospect of doing a Degree that was...

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Susanne Kessel

I completed the Diploma of Professional Counselling in 16 months.

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Caron Scard

My motivation to commence studies with AIPC came from the rewarding volunteer work I did as a telephone counsellor.

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Jane Oakley-Lohm

For many years I had an interest in counselling, so I sent off for some information from the AIPC. There were challenges as I live in Alice Springs with no next door neighbour doing the same course. I found the AIPC’s study support team a huge asset to me and they were all very patient with my phone calls for HELP!

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